These are collection of my blogs that have more or less with continuity:

TGIF: Thanks God it’s Friday Bible Studies:

TGIF: God Towards Man (Matt 9:1-13)

TGIF: The Bridegroom and New Wine (Matt 9:14-17)

TGIF: He Knows and Cares (Matt 9:18-26)

TGIF: Two Blind Men (Matt 9:27-31)

TGIF: Demon Possessed (Matt 9:32-35)

TGIF: A Warning and a Commendation (Matt 11:1-11)

TGIF: Matt 11:20-30-Difficult Subjects

TGIF: Matthew 12:1-8: The Lord-not the Sabbath

TGIF: Matthew 12:22-37 The Demoniac

TGIF: Matthew 12:38-50>Greater than the Prophets and Kings

TGIF: The Parable of the Sower, Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23,

TGIF: The Lord’s Pain and Grief: Matthew 14:1-21

TGIF: Matthew 14: 22-36, Jesus Walks on Water

TGIF: Matthew 15: 1-20 “Washing the Dishes”

Just Over For Next Posting:

TGIF: Matthew 15:21-28 “A Gentile Woman’s Faith”

TGIF: Matthew 15:29-39 “Miracle for the Gentiles”

TGIF: Matthew 16:1-19 “A Sign, Yeast and a Rcck”


Tuesday Special: Meals with Jesus Bible Studies:

Intro: Tuesday Specials-Meals With Jesus Bible Studies

Tuesday Special: In the house of Simon

Tuesday Special: Mary and Martha

Tuesday Special: Woe to Pharisees and Scribes


Just Over For Next Posting:

 Tuesday Special: In another pharisee’s home

 Tuesday Special: In Zacchaeus’s home






Church Review:

Churches of Metro Manila: Union Church of Manila

Church Review: Day By Day Christian Ministries & Pistang Kristiyano

Church Review: Greenhills Christian Fellowship

Church Review: Word for the World, Makati

Church Review : GCF -Sucat, Santana Grove






About Jesus-Lord of All Presbyterian Church (1993-2008)

To my Timothy’s

My Legacy to JLOAPC, I Hope

Good Memories with Jesus,Lord of All Presbyterian Church (JLOAPC)

Faith Story : January 25,2009

Sunday Money

Why feel threatened?

Two Letters

Questions not answered-More Questions Raised.

Questions that were not answered

The Millenium Bug-My Involvement

The Price of Truth Part 1

The Price of Truth Part 2


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