To my Timothy’s

For all those I shared my bible knowledge, insights and theological directions like Gerwin, Teddy, Romy, Samuel, Rovic and others through the years-here are my suggestions -in order that you may still grow and mature in the faith and life:

1. Remain faithful to the Lord Jesus -not how your church tradition or peers conceive him to be-nor other scholars -especially the “historical Jesus” group nor the “high scholasticism Jesus” conceive him to be.

2. Be faithful to the Word of God-but learn first how to understand it-by reading it, understanding its language, historical and cultural milieu and knowing the broad sweep perspective of the whole bible.

3. Use your reason and insights in applying your bible knowledge. Do not forget your common sense -and do not be intimidated by others-in applying what is wrong or right-even if others are no longer living (the great authors of previous years).

4. Use tradition or the voice of the church fathers/reformers/confessions -as long as they retained their secondary status with respect to Scriptures. You must remember Scripture better than your confessionsional standards.

5. Ask advice from almost everybody-even your enemies-maybe they have the right perspective in understanding the truth-you just have to extract it from them. It is true that “whether Paul or Apollos or Cephas or the world or life or death or the present or the future. Everything belongs to you,23 and you belong to Christ”…


6. Always believe in defending freedom before any human authority. We only bow down before Divine authority-everything else is relative.

7. Always allow room for your own personal or others experience in your search for truth. It is not infallible butu it is also not dispensable. Use and learn how to use it


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