Tuesday Specials-Meals With Jesus Bible Studies

I  just started this noon a new bible studies at Central Sales-and it is one-on-one with Gerald-an engineer from Isabela and 9 months at Meralco. I am using  the ‘Meals with Jesus’ bible guide.


Meals With Jesus Book Cover

Meals With Jesus Book Cover



It is from>  www.facingthechallenge.org/meals.php . Check it out-its simple and yet profound.

The meals in ancient world is important. Friends and relatives are usually the ones you eat with-not your enemies-prefiguring the grand feast in heaven.

We started with story of Levi (Matthew) and was amazed at the risk that Levi and Jesus made just to be able to eat together with their associates. The misunderstanding usually arises from religious people who had closed their minds that Jesus is a false prophet and was bent in leading astray from Yahweh. 

They did not understand that Jesus is their God and he isteaching them a new thing-and not so new-that Israel was an unbelieving sinful nation who needs spiritual redemption before experiencing physical bountifulness. But they never understand it so-they crucified their Lord.


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