TGIF: Matt 11:20-30-Difficult Subjects

Eternal Judgment and Predestination-two difficult topics-not for its logicality-but for the emotional reaction-one might have-once the reality sinks in.

In verses 20-24, Jesus is shown to have reach his limit. Time waits for no one-nor God can be patient forever. And the more the privilege, the more responsibility. And remember-just because one sees a miracle-one immediately believe. Others wants the whole universe spin their own way before believing. What do they think of God? Cosmic magician/ entertainer?

We fancy ourselves that we will have the whole life before we are called to account for. Not this text-and not that time when Jesus was in the first coming.

In verses 25-27, Jesus mention about His father hiding something from the wise and sharing it with “children” even unto babes-Is this then a doctrine of infant salvation or baptism. However -I think the next few verses-clarifies it-It is shown only to those who are in labor and in burden. He promises rest to them-If they will come to Him. Then they will be shown whats is hidden from others.

Who can then comes to rest? Is anyone-in his own freewill? Yes and No. Yes-it is because of those with faith/trust in the rest offered by Jesus that will not experience judgement. No-it is only to those “Nor does anyone know the Father except the Son, and the one to whom the Son wills to reveal Him”  Jesus is wiling to show himself and the Father to those who wants rest. And He is showing these things to those He is willing to reveal. The paradox of election and freedom.


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