The Millenium Bug-My Involvement

I was a Christian Reconstructionist since 1990. I stopped being one just this year. One of Gary North’s influence to me was his involvement in the Y2K Bug and its preparation.

I am convinced then that around 1998-1999 -that there’s not enough preparation being done by local government and private companies.  I made a letter to the mayors and governors of Laguna and the Bicol area where I thought we will have to run to when the worst case scenario happens.

We were given audience to Governor Joey Lina then-and was asked by one of his staff in our knowledge of the details. “Kumpareng” Brando was very deep in here-and we both share Reconstructionism views.

I even spoke in a summer camp of General Assembly of the Presbyterian Chruch of the Phils, and a CLASP (Christian Leaders Association of San Pedro)  meeting at Los Banos, Laguna regarding this. When some of my friends even tried to find a suitable lot at Sinoloan, Laguna-I was not able to come and invest. I am more interested in transferring myself to Catanduanes island-home of my father-in-law-and I think is self-sufficient in terms of food.

Most of the time I am confronted by either apocalyptic perspective or incredulousness. But we don’t harbor either of the two. I hope that all the preparations will make it in time.

Many companies did replaced their legacy applications-so it went well. 

With the knowledge that I knew then-I think I will still make the same reactions and preparations. I am not omniscient and thus I have to make decisions and risk assessment. I love my family and I have to make unconcealed actions that can be easily misunderstood and used against me. I do not hide behind ignorance and unexamined hopes.

This year I am no longer a Reconstructionist-but I still believe in the relevance of the Christian worldview. And I still believe in making decisions base on what I can know and make risk and loss assessment based on what is available.


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