The Price of Truth Part 1

Date: Nov 25, 2008

I was an ordained elder in our local Presbyterian Church-affiliate of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of the Phils.-a sister denomination of Presbyterian Church of America.

In our church we have 3 elders and a pastor. Around year 2000, the session made an agreement that we will no longer preach tithing. The 3 elders were in agreement but our pastor did not-but he cannot answer our biblical objections.

I was a Christian Reconstructionist then-and I follow Gary North”s teaching regarding tithing-i,e. a member can be disciplined because of non-tithing. But based on Dr Russell-Kelly’s writings and countless other sites, I learned how wrong I was -and that the Lord had already paid all my debts at the cross and the ordinances that was against me were nailed at the cross.

Recently, I also realized that infant baptism is also wrong from reading an article of Pastor Greg Welty. Infant baptism also follows the same principle as tithing and Sunday as the Christian Sabbath teachings. So I told our pastor my change of views-(without anybody knowing it except the other 2 co-elders -the other elder is his elder brother) The other elder mentioned in 2000 before was in hiatus. Our pastor immediately suspended me from teaching and preaching. Then the next two Sundays he immediately preached on tithing at the main church and at the outreach. Few members complained-others are afraid of dishonoring God, misinformed of course. But the church is run by elders-so everybody just submitted.

I don’t want other members to be bothered by doctrinal matters-since I still accept the rule of elders and majority of the members are still young in the faith. The elders and our pastor suspended me and forbid the congregation publicly to talk to me. They did this without hearing my case or giving me a chance to defend myself or present my case to the elders. SO I just transferred my family to a baptist church.


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