TGIF: Matthew 12:38-50>Greater than the Prophets and Kings

1. Sign requested

2. Jonah and the Queen of the South

3. Unclean Spirit

4. Brothers and mother

Pharisees and the scribes after blaspheming the Son of Man and perhaps also the Holy Spirit are now asking for a sign-a sign from heaven. But Jesus can do that and yet may not possible elicit faith. Faith is something mysterious. It is created by grace and Holy Spirit -and yet it is very human response. Belief,trust and courage. It cannot be bought nor threaten . For it will not be genuine faith-just a fearful response. Jesus may use his power but  their hearts are still far from him.

Jonah went the other way instead of going to Nineveh. And yet when he went through the whole city-the city experienced revival for that generation. The Queen of the South (Yemen) was a pagan and yet she searched for Solomon for his wisdom. But Jesus is greater than both of them. And yet  the Pharisees are not only indifferent of him but outright hostile. Judgement is awaiting them for neglecting his prophetic words and his wisdom.

The parable regarding unclean spirit is usually applied to a person-though it may be done, the primary application is to the nation of Israel. After Eztra-Neheniah’s time, the nation was cured of their idolatry. But most of them do this out of self-righteousness -and not of genuine repentance and submission to their covenant Lord. It is not relationship-but farcical obeisance.So at AD 70-they will experince national madness as described by Josephus and other Roman historians.

The reminder of the crowds that Jesus’ brothers and mother are outside was meant to silence him-It is not genuine concern. They want him to stop telling themof the judgement which is to come. His relatives are also getting concern with negativity and rejection they are hearing. But those who will hear, believe and follow him wil be considered his family


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