Faith Search

White Knight

White Knight

1. Are you tired of trying every other christian church so that you can be a part of them -and yet does not know one bit what this church is teaching?

2. Do you just want to study the Bible with someone who knows a little bit more than you do, but not the expert type ?

3. Do you just want to know about Jesus or God , without making any commitments with any local church?

4. Do you have some have emotional,psychological, financial or family problems-and just want a word of advise without being committed to attend the church afterwards?

5. Are you tired of your legalistic,overly-doctrinal, narrow, overly traditional/conserevative local church? And just want to have some warm fellowship over coffee or whatever?

Well-you may post your concerns here-and I will find a way to contact you, or even have a bible study at your house if you are in the Philippines and within or near Metro Manila-for free-without commitments-in fact you can terminate it anytime.

I can also investigate -for you -your desired church -for its background and teachings-either for a fee or just for coffee- whatever suits you-so that you will not feel any personal obligation to me-and just treat it as a professional service.

International Space Station

International Space Station

My hidden agenda? Get you as close to knowing Jesus and His Word-without being hindered. Remember -I am not a paid agent of any local church. I just do this out of concern-for those few out there-who just want to go home-a feeling sort-of way.

Great-let us start then-post away. Or you may text me at : 0908-8973809


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  1. I would like to follow your posts…

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