Church Review: Word for the World, Makati


We arrived early for their 10 AM service-so that gives my sin and I some time to eat ouor merienda at Mcdonalds which is two buildings away only. Also around the corner is the Uytengsu or RCBC Plaza-tremendous building. You might think you are looking at Mt. Olympus.


We were welcomed by a male usher that also led us into group player before the beginning of the worship. That is new for me.We were by the way sitted at the upper deck.

The worship serviceĀ  was led by a worship team and a full band. There were also a team of dancers with cymbals leading the congregation. It was a wonderful time to worship with fellow brothers of a different denominational background.

The preaching of the Word was led by a Indian-Filipino pastor. The team of pastors or elders were sitted at the front and all are in business jackets. His theme for that mornig is salvation by grace. It was long but salvation is always a good oint to emphasize.

All in all -it was wonderfule time to visit them. Below are pictures of the building after service.:



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