TGIF: Matthew 15: 1-20 “Washing the Dishes”

Matthew 15: 8 “This people honors me with their lips, but their heart is far from me”

Originally the Pharisees wants to do the Law of God meticulously-and so they out a fence or hedge around this . This is in their mind would make sure that before you violate the Law-the fence will prevent you. It was in good intention-and it enlarges the number of Laws that affects men. However to our Lord-it does not protect it-in fact it violates it.

Sometime we worry a lot -and we thought that we can do better with what God had done-and it really does not. It makes it worse and we are set on edge against our Maker and Savior instead.


What God intended for those commands-like that of supporting your parents when they were old-the traditions regarding vows now takes precedence. But the Law of honoring our parents is in the Ten Laws and clearer in the covenant-whether it is in the Old and the New!

The issue with ceremonial washings -required by the Pharisees from Jerusalem was that Jesus’ disciples are violating it-and want to appear obliquely that Jesus is lax and is tolerating such flagrant display of rebellion to the tradition of the elders. But No! Jesus faced them head on and point out that their starting point is all wrong. They treat the Law as if its Maker and Enforcer is already dead. That they are not its custodian and interpreter of such code.

Jesus is the Lord of the Law-he can make those laws pass into oblivion -since it will be fulfilled in him. Here -he utterly disregarded the dietary laws-right in the middle of Gentile country-Galilee and Gennasaret.And in front of those supposed protector of the tradition of the elders.They are concerned with externalises and thus not conscious of the deeper problem of their hearts. These things defiles us-and hurt us deep within.

Increasingly, Jesus is having a lot of enemies from important places. This is making his disciples concerned and nervous. Thus even if they already know what Jesus meant -they still questioned Him. They are so dull because their hearts will not let them go where freedom leads. They will forever in bondage to man made Laws until they finf their freedom in the Lordship and Saviorship of Jesus.


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