TGIF: A Warning and a Commendation (Matt 11:1-11)

It is easy enough for someone in prison to be in despair. Trying to make things right by publicly denouncing political leaders in his day of immoral attachments-it is easy to fall into a situation where one can be made a prisoner. And the one you hope who can help you-in fact one of your kinsfolk-is not doing what he was suppose to be doing. That is leading an army to purify the whole earth with holiness. But the time is not yet-Not for John -not for Jesus.

John is the last of the OT prophets. afterwards-things will change. I spoke of Ninoy Aquino or even Manny Pacquiao-changing how others-foreigners-sees us. We are no longer seen as a country of corrupt dictators, of housemaids, of losers. Because of them-we are seen as country of heroes and champions.

So will Jesus death and resurrection -change the way we look at man and life. He is the axis that will change the world spin.


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