Two Letters

I had been accused of going house to house with these two letters. But not even one of them were given to everybody. Only to 4 persons. Here are the details:


I am trying to maintain my belief that in discipline-the elders must be able to interview and make recommendation regarding the discipline-that it is a basic presbyterian church government whether it is the denominational type or the biblical one. Lately I now believed that actual casting out or final resolution of the discipline must be borne or carried through the end by the whole assembly, since I now believe in the baptistic ecclesiology.


Letter 1:

The first letter is a simple 1 page , telling that I am awaiting for the requested meeting with the elders. (I am still one of the elders-as per southern presbytery-since Elder S is still the elder-in-trainee, not had gone through them yet. So besides Pastor M and his elder-brother, I am one of the legitimate elder. But in deference to Elder S, I must include him-so he can be part of the deliberation.) and a notice that my family and I will be attending Christ Commission Fellowship for the time being.(We only went there twice since due to its distance-we tried other 6-7 churches until we were able to settle with Powerhouse). It slo included the attachments regarding tithing and infant baptism especially the article by Greg Welty.


This first letter was given to Pastor M, Elder S and his Elder-brother. I have a receiving copy. I shown it to the Libaos, but had not given them any copy. I have given them the attachments and due to their pleadings, I was able to explain in summary why we were no longer attending JLOAPC in the meantime then. I gave the attachments because to me the doctrine of covenantal believer’s baptism and grace giving is a source of joy and freedom to me. Through it I understand more what our Savior had done for our salvation. So I just want to share it and not to be controversial. But for those that think that truth is a threat-it will always remain controversial.


Family P has also a copy of the letter-since they are involved in one of the areas concerned. I was also able to interview them in my farewell visit , including the articles. I am hoping that they can change for the better.I am still hoping.


Letter 2:

The second letter is a response to the two page letter sent by Pastor M in the preceeding Friday morning containing the congregational letter mentioning my suspension from any teaching duties and forbidding the congregational from any talk with me. (This is without my requested meeting and also hearing my side through a face-to-face meeting. Either they are afraid of me or Pator M does not want to exposed his motives why he immediately suspended me after I insisted that we continue interviewing the Family P regarding their ‘tithing’ insult. I think Pastor M wants to dominate the church with his tithng opinion-which was defeated before by the other elders before.)


I mentioned there my three points of contention with numerous typed exact verses supporting biblical position regadding the following: 


1        Process of discip;ing an elder or even an ordinary member

2        Covenantal believer’s baptism only

3        Grace or generous giving


I ended the letter with my thanks. I do remember including articles by Russell-Kelly on the biblical tithe and a summary posiiton by Reformed Baptist re: infant baptism.


Pastor M, his elder brother, Elder S and our corporate secretary -Geordel Libao, each received a copy of the letter-which was 4-5 pages long. The board secretary have no copy of the articles.Nor did Sis Tess dela Cruz have any copy of this or the attachments. I don’t know who is feeding Pastor M on his sources.


Our farewell meeting with Sis Tess evolved from the telephone talks with my wife. I am hesistant to talk with her but since I discipled their family for a long time-it is only proper to saythe proper goodbyes. It took so long since Sis Tess cannot understand why and how things happened. But no letter was shown or given to her.


So I hope by recounting and typing it now-I can now forget all about this. This serves as a record of that period of confusion and lies made and perpetratedthat I  am “humihingi ng simpatiya” and I am going “house-to-house”.


But If Pastor M does not believe Elder S and his brothers as competent elders-then tell them and don’t hide from a presbyterian doctrine of the plurality of elders. Because he no longer believes in it.



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