Good Memories with Jesus,Lord of All Presbyterian Church (JLOAPC)

It would be unfair and imbalance if I posted in this blog only my sad memories with JLOAPC because I have a lot of good memories. I will try to enumerate them and offer a short summary and fill it out later:

1. Outdoor Evangelism at Camella Woodhills- With Bro Vic Ebojo and I installing the elctrical power for the projector and Bro Obet Ranara installing the wood for the white cloth. Pastor PadimIsrael of Bread from Heaven was our surprised speaker.

2. Baptism of my 3 children (starting with Mariel) since most of our friends-Christian and non-C were there as Ninongs and Ninangs. Infant baptism is a sort-of community activities despite the theological underpinnings.

3.The many Christmas carolings we did for the sake of the street kids of San Pedro and lately (Dec 2007) forthe Presbyterian churches of Bicol affected by typhoons. The funds raised exceeded expectations. The first carolings-we even went as far as Sta Rosa and Parañaque.

4. The many Christmas parties we have-with our families and friends-and of course our elder’s presentation of song and skit that blew the competitors away-meaning the women’s fellowship. How can they beat our Christianized version of Engkantadia.

5. The many Easter sunrise service at the hills of San Pedro. Playing acoustics, feeling the warm summer breeze, eating pandesal and looking for the easter eggs hidden.

6. Raising funds for the ceiling and roof of our church building thru thr SOS concert. We practice for two weeks and were able to raised P 25,000.00 and then Bro Rey Licayan donated his resources and labor somewhere around P 30,000.00 to finish the roof. We never thought it could be done. Due to the necessity of the project-the whole church was acting as one.  Parang barkada lang kami.

7. The many summer outings we have. At Cavite and even as Sariaya,Quezon. Our families bonded. We ate as one.Sad to remember that it will not happen in the near future.

8. The SOS (now the Remnant Band) and I going to the Pistang Kristiyano at Folk Arts Theater and listening to Christian bands. Oh we ate simple dinner-but we won’t forget that time. We also went to Elorde’s night spot so that they benchmarked and eat again for the fund raising concert.Barkada lang kami.

9. Being ordained as a ruling elder by the General Asembly of Presbyterian Church of Philippines at JLOAPC. I was already a local church elder since 1995 or so-but it is a different when you are recognized by your peers from other local churches. So in 2005 both Pastor M, Bro Romy and I were ordained after written and oral exams.

10. The GAPCP Anniversary at Cuneta Astrodome, 2007 -where 100 presbyterian churches attended. And we thought that our little church ontop of the hills of San Pedro is alone-we found out that we are many. And the worship singing was wonderful and spine-tingling. You can really feel the Wind blew

There are more. I will update this later. For now -a toast for the good 15 years of memories. Praise be the name of the Lord!


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  1. Hey I love this blog. I can see the time and effort put into this.. Thanks!

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