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Tithing Again- If not for the fact of existing bondage

Many people training in biblical theology is dismally low since their pastors wanted to protect a doctrine that should have been consigned immediately to Judaizing of Gentile Christianity.


However -since many of these pastors are fearful of their source of income or that they are fearful that the blessings will stop once they comment against such doctrine (specter of elemental spirits hovering)  – they have resorted to allegorization or universalization of a practice that should be confine to Old Testament  times only.

And it pains me to see people that their relationship with the Lord should have raised to an intimacy between a child and his father. Instead we are  back to an OT relationship of a mere master and servant.

True that God owns everything but in the New Covenant -we are co-heirs with Jesus and thus we also own everything including OUR money. Yet we are bound to our husband Jesus in these and His Law.  But we are sons of the King-adopted in Christ.

He gives us a tremendous amount of freedom to realize the real priority/ies in this life- and He wants us to invest in His expanding Kingdom. But this Kingdom only expands willingly and by love -and peace -and by the most free creatures in the universe.


Don’t get me wrong -I believe in supporting the church-its officers and and its ministries. But i don’t believe in a holdup or scam or playing guilt trip when there is no longer an objective standard to back it up or playing with people’s conscience as hostage. In the Days of the Messiah-his followers will come in strength and willingly.  I also believe in the promise of return on investment as spelled out by the Apostle to the Gentiles -Paul in 2 Corinthians 7 to 9.

2010_12 Children of God

So when will other learn that we are sons and daughters of a King and we are also co-heirs with Christ -we must learn to be act s free individuals. And this is one advice coming from a Reformed Christian who believe in a Sovereign Father/God who sent His Son to die willingly for his brothers.