The Price of Truth Part 2

Date: Nov 25, 2008

It took us more than a month and 6 churches to find a mildly tithing-teaching  church-Others are more blatant. Members must tithe -or they cannot be a member. In their lobby-tithing envelopes are visible. Other pastors think that Christians who don’t tithe are sinning.

Here in our new church-my pastor’s heart is right. He knows that our whole life is devoted to the Lord (Romans 12:1-2 and 2 Corinthian 8:5) and that is where pleas for support in the church work must come. But this tithing-teaching is so prevalent that he thinks he must be faithful to it. So I am just keeping quiet about it. My family needs a church to be a part of-and we cannot church-hopping forever. We need a home church again.

Me? I think I will no longer be able to resume in my teaching and preaching. My gift will no longer be utilized by the body of Christ. I know they will just blacklist me once they know that I am just for grace-giving and not for tithing. But I can share the Gospel to unbelievers-and there is where I can share the message of freedom.

Based on my rereading of Galatians- i am moving to the view that tithing, infant baptism and sabbatarianism is like the Galatian heresy. I hope I am wrong.
Previously I am proud that I know the 5 points of Calvinism-but did not realized that I am still in bondage. Now-I am just glad-AGAIN, that The Lord paid all my debts-and that I am God’s child because of faith in His Son.

And I owe this a lot to a brother like Dr Rusell-Kelly and the group of New Covenant theologians like John Reisinger, Lehrer, Wells, Zens


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