Sunday Money

So I can finally forget this , I need to write it so othersfrom JLOAPC  maybe able refer to it later. I am still concern about Pastor M’s comment that I have other motives and that I am against him and wants to replace him (which is preposterous-since I no longer want to be salaried churcman since BFHCF days) -which to me is fed by other person/s or information.

And I think it is about the offering/gift we received from Rosario Christian Fellowship:

We usually received  P1000.00 every week. Sometimes P900.00 or 1200.00. in my case I just deduct the P100.00 for the gas used by Bro R’s tricycle and another P 100.00 or so the xerox cost for the Covenant Seminary Matthew’s outlines I used during the Sunday School class.

Then the remainder I usually hand over ot Bro R to be given to Pastor M. I made it clear to Pastor M and the elders that it formed part of my support to him and to JLOAPC.

Thus I really worked on the messages I preached during Sundays. It is not a repeat of the messages I preached at JLOAPC which was about Ecclesiastes in 2008. I usually start during Thursday and Friday for the text and outline but the bulk of the historical, grammatical research and the illustrative and applications are worked out during Saturdays, when I usually don’t leave my house. I usually finished it Saturday, 11 pm or worse 2 am of Sunday. Sometimes ,I have to sleep on it and work on it again by 5am-7am of Sunday.

Before the fateful July sundering of our relationship, it was a constant question by Sis Rosie about the turnover of that Sunday offering-which I still believe is given to me and remains in my personal disposition , whether I may give it to Pastor M, JLOAPC or remain mine. I had preached before in other churches, Reformed and Evangelical where I received my honorarium-which I consider this to be just another case. 

But it seems Pastor M or or his wife Sis J or his in-law, Sis Rosie is no longer thinking of it this way . So around May or June of 2008- I ask for clarification with Sis N of RCCF and Sis Rosie regarding this.  It took a long time-so before the July debacle- I made a my own decision and relay it to Sis N and R that I will no longer receive said money and instead be handed immediately over to Bro R. This is a week before I was suspended for preaching, so this setup is never put into practice.

The question is whether PAstor M or his wife feels that this money also belongs to them-when I am the worker who mined the Scriptures and cooked and presented it to the sheep at RCCF? Is it one of the reason that I was immediately suspended so that the net of P800.00 be theirs?

P800.00 X 4 weeks X 12 months =  P38,400.00 is not much but enough to add to one’s house budget. Is this on top of the minimum wage being given to PAstor M receives from JLOAPC? What about his salary as a driver from Thermo Company? Well, it is really a troubling times, with the economic difficulties and all.

As I see it here’s Pastor M monthly salary:

                                 RCCF= P 3,200.00 (no tax deducted)

                            JLOAPC=P 6,000.00 (no tax deducted)

                            Thermo=P 7,000.00 (tax above 70,000 yearly)

                            So that’s a gross of P 16,000.00 more or less.

Is this the cost of fellowship then?


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