Churches of Metro Manila: Union Church of Manila

Side of Union Church

Side of Union Church

I am hoping that I can make some informal survey of the biggest or influential churches here at Metro Manila-like that of outreach magazine: 

So, I am starting with what I know -my former church during the time when I left Bread from Heaven Christian Fellowship-towards the time when I was to get married in 1993. I will try to be mostly positive in my assessment and leave out the negative unsaid. Here are two pictures we took when we wnt there yesterday, February 22, 2009:

Raviel at front of Union Church

Raviel at front of Union Church

UCM building is located at the heart of Makati district. It is somewhat new since it replaced the building I knew when I was there in 1990 to 1991. There’s a parking lot beside them but since Makati is dull by Sundays-it is easy to park at the streets. No hasles. The building is big but not massive-continuing its previouse theme of reaching out to the heavens. The toilets are clean and many. The temperature inside is bearable-not too cold or hot. They are still using the old pew benches-but they are still comfortable anyway.  The base ment are for the many Sunday School classes.

Ushering-which I was a part-is still impeccable. There are many volunteers handling this-I just observed that before the service (there are 3 by the way-contemporary,traditional and blended) there is an usher that holds a card telling others to shut-off their cellphones.

The program still follows the traditional worship order (We went there during the mid-morning service) and is within the time-limit. The choir are still there to lead the congregation and even though you have heard most of the songs before -due to their song leading, the  congrgation are able to sing them vigorously.

Steve Ruetschle, Senior Pastor spoke about Psalm 119 about the love of a believer for the Word of God-comparing it to wine and a love poem-while telling his story about his love for his wife (he cannot sleep for three days until he was able to share his poems for her), sharing a quote from John Calvin and telling about his wine tasting tour at California. It was well researched and you can feel his love for the Word during the message.

The Sound sytem of UCM is superb -not too loud or too soft. You can hear what needs to be heard.Afterwards we stay at the basement for some snacks and bought a book on discipleship. I was able to go around the Sunday school area and was able to hear the practice of the next worship band. It was  a start on my blof regarding evangelical churhes in Metro Manila.

Their website is :


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