Monthly Archives: December 2010

To My Children

I will be doing a new series here that will tackle teachings that are important to me-and maybe used by them in finding their home church-especially when I am already gone:

I. Trinity; Christ-God and Man; Scripture; Justification by Faith Alone

II. Plurality of Leadership; Reverent and Contemporary Praise and Worship Music; Order of Worship; Plurality of Stewardship and Administration; Spiritual Presence in Lord’s Table

III.Sanctification by Faith and Spirit; New Covenant GraceĀ Giving; Lord’s Day not Sabbath; Assurance-part of Faith/ Marrow-Free Grace;Law of Christ

IV. Sovereign Grace; Common Grace/Presence; Reformed Lordship in All Life; Anabaptist Powerlessness.

V. New Covenant Theology;Baptism of Disciples; Covenantal Continuity and Discontinuity; Children-Holy to the Lord

VI. Eschatological Pluralism; Partial Preterism; Here and Not Yet; Kingdom of God; Physical Return of Jesus Christ

VII. Redemptive-Historical-Grammatical Hermeneutics; Reason and Revelation -in Harmony; Whole Person Interpretative Scheme