My Legacy to JLOAPC, I Hope


Council of Elders of JLOAPC

Council of Elders of JLOAPC

 I am already gone from Jesus, Lord of All, Presbyterian Church-and we did not part ways peacefully -but I still hope that I have done something good there and it is worth remembering. Here is my partial list:

1. Its name-JLOAPC. We conducted a survey amongst 6 possible name to replace the original name-Presbyterian Christian Church-and my entry won. It is from a Kuyperian view-That “If Jesus is not the Lord of all-He is not a Lord at all” and also from Romans 10:12 .


JLOAPC Regular Attendees

JLOAPC Regular Attendees

 2. The current name of its band-Remnant-also from Romans 11:5-is my entry amongst 5 choices. That is why I donated their t-shirt design and material.


Remnant Band

Remnant Band

 3. The many Saturday and Sunday seminars I conducted, like the following:

a) Mission and Vision Seminar

b) How to make family budget

c) One verse Evangelism

d) Dialogical Evangelism

e) Finding your spiritual gifts

f) Life and Letters of Paul (3 months+)

g) Introduction to Theology (3+ months)

4. Turning around its inherited bylaws from congregational-one pastor church government to presbyterian-elders-led church government- especially in areas of doctrine and discipline.


Church Board 2007

Church Board 2007

 5. Its principle,philosophy and actual practice of church discipline to its members.

6. Formulation of policy and guidelines-covering baptisms and use of church buiding and equipment.

7. Formulation and actual practice and example of a worship order that reflects a Regulative Principe of Worship-and yet remaining contemporary. This includes the liturgy which was original based to Calvin’s Geneva basic order of worship-with the reading of the Law and repentance in the start of the worship. Though Ps. Medic had done much in training the band- I also contributed my experience in leading worship in Pentecostal-style of encouraging the congregation to sing simultaneously with the worship team.

8. Actual teaching of Reformed doctrines and history especially using the Heidelberg Catechism and the Westminster Confession of Faith. Though I now disagree with its covenant theology, sabbatarianism and infant baptism-I still think that generally it is good framework to grow in -since it has a broad sweep of biblical history.

9. Actual training and encouragement of our 2 elders and 1 deaconess in preaching at the main church and its 1 outreach.

10. Helping the church in its fund raising campaign during Christmas, summer camps, miscellaneous endeavors  and the roof and ceiling renovation.

11. Putting some humour and creativity during the Christmas presentations.

12. Encouraging and sponsoring the Remnant in its some ‘educational’ visit of other churches or places where Christian music is highlighted.

13. Formulating, template building and actual secretarial duties of administrative documents-like correspondences with other  churches or denomination or associations, baptismal and completion certificates and annual reports and attendance and covenant membership forms.

14. Benchmarking and actual conduct of annual congregational meetings and election of officers-as secretary of the board. Introduce the concept of quorum, annual attendance and proxy forms.

15. Complementing with Pastor M in the conduct of house-to-house and neighborhood evangelism and invitations.

16 Leading in the pre and actual annual planning of activities and budget.

17. Conducting monthly council meeting using a modified parliamentary Robert rules of order and keeping of minutes of every meeting. 

The Scriptures , the church order of CRCNA, my stay at Union Church of Manila and my readings in church history especially during the time of John Calvin at Geneva helped me a lot here.   

If I remember some more-I will add them.May God be praise for all this past opportunity to serve his church.


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  1. Hi thanks for a great post. I’ll be back 🙂

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