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First Quarter Townhall Prayer 2013

I was again assigned to lead the prayer yesterday-So I wrote this last night -Tuesday – so I can still remember the thoughts and passing moments that the Lord whispered to me to pray for during this meeting. The Scripture verses are from ESV – Book of Job and Revelation of St. John:

crop townhall

Heavenly Father, We stand before you -conscious of our failings,

but aware that we gather in your name.

Come to us, remain with us, and enlighten our hearts and minds.

Give us light and strength to know your will,

For you are :

The One …who laid the foundation of the earth and who determined its measurements

The One who stretched the line upon it  and laid its cornerstone,

By your will …you establish your rule on the earth,


Guide us by your wisdom, Fill us with your grace,- Oh Lord God –

as you continue to remind us that all that we do here today and in the coming months  –

in fact all that we will accomplish, is for the pursuit of Your greater glory

With Your aid – we can make decisions better and faster- knowing that You will not lead us stray.

Oh God -do not allow us to be misled by ignorance and near-sightedness,

In you -we will have confidence that, by wanting what You want, We need not worry about the outcome. So we will live our lives with utter abandon

knowing that it is Your will that we are accomplishing


For you are the one who put wisdom in the inward parts and

Has given understanding to the mind,

Who can number the clouds by wisdom

and who can tilt the waterskins of the heavens

And so today -help us engage in meaningful discussion;

Allow us to grow closer as a group –and nurture the bonds of friendship and fellow workmanship.

May we be not in slothful ease –but being constantly aware of your Presence –may we continue using the gifts you gave us  –and to stretch oursleves for the future you are calling us.

Indeed – you are calling us together with this nation – together with our fellow Filipinos.

So that in serving them – we will see that – that we truly we are serving you .

And now we are again reminded that we are remiss and inadequate in our efforts

and we long for your time …

The time that is coming :

    …”when your dwelling place will be with us,

When You will dwell with your people- …  

When You will wipe away every tear from our eyes, and death shall be no more,

neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore,

for the former things have passed away.

For then Your Son on the throne will be saying –

I am making all things new

Truly You are the One who live and reigns

One God – Father,Son, and Holy Spirit –forever and ever Amen


Evolution – and Racism

Genesis 1: 26-28

“Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; and let them rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over the cattle and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”27 God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.28 God blessed them; and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it; and rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over every living thing that moves on the earth.”


I just realized one morning-when I woke up that -do these scientist who believes in evolution- do they also believe in basic equality of the races? Because if evolution  is true- i.e. men evolved from simpler biological entities-then man did not start in one place-like in Africa -but started everywhere -and not at the same time.

This also means that they evolved not at the same time which leads to some races more progressively evolved than others. This also means the men that evolved in a different location like in Asia is really different than the one from Europe. One can conclude from this that other races are superior than the others much like the Persians and Germans believe at one time.

This is how   defines evolution:

  • The first creature appeared in the sea around 1000 million years ago after 3,500 million years of evolution of the earth.
  • Evolving is constantly changing a tiny bit at a time.
  • It can take millions of years for something really tiny to grow like an extra pair of legs or wings.
  • Water was formed 4,000 million years ago.
  • Some religious people don’t like to believe in evolution, they prefer to think God made the world in 6 days.
  • Charles Darwin thought of evolution like this:

There are lots of animals at the start of spring, and not so many at the end. This is because only the strongest animals survive because they are able to fight off others for food. These animals will usually have the best traits, for example a bird who wants to crack nuts will have the biggest beak. The birds with smaller beaks will die, and have no young so eventually the birds with small beaks will die out. Only birds with big beaks will live and have offspring who will also have big beaks. These beaks make them better suited to their environment. This is evolution.”

However if I believe in theistic evolution- this theory does not explain away this fact -that men did not evolved at the same time- then even if a god started evolution -where and when did He started it ? This still leaves some races more evolved than others. And this also means at one time that Esau’s descendants really married some pre-homo sapien races who does not have a soul and the image of God on them. Did they not think on these implications-instead of starting with the Genesis data-that man started with Adam and Eve -and then devolved into what we are now?


How about those ancient astronauts taht transplanted life here? Darwin already thought of that

“The last universal ancestor (LUA), also called the last universal common ancestor (LUCA), or thecenancestor, is the most recent organism from which all organisms now living on Earth descend. Thus it is the most recent common ancestor (MRCA) of all current life on Earth. The LUA is estimated to have lived some 3.5 to 3.8 billion years ago (sometime in the Paleoarchean era).

A universal common ancestor is at least 102860 times more probable than having multiple ancestors…[4]A model with a single common ancestor but allowing for some gene swapping among species was… 103489 times more probable than the best multi-ancestor model…[4]

Charles Darwin proposed the theory of universal common descent through an evolutionary process in his bookOn the Origin of Species, saying, “Therefore I should infer from analogy that probably all the organic beings which have ever lived on this earth have descended from some one primordial form, into which life was first breathed.”

Great- and Adam without a Yahweh/God who created him.

Some would point out to two things -carbon dating and the apparent age of the stars. The carbon dating can be explained if we also believe in the Great Flood during the time of Noah which screwed up every data we have. The apparent age of the stars needs a better explanation from our Creation scientist though.

But until then – I will champion the plain and simple truth of the Genesis data- that we came from Adam – fell from his pristine relationship with God-and needs to be redeem in Jesus. These men who dreamt of evolution wants to do away with God -his claim of allegiance from man -and his need for atonement in Jesus. Plainly -a rebellion in the high places.

The God of Job

This was the message I preached at San Pedro CRC last March 2013-most of the text is in Tagalog since I am making a summary of the book of Job -that the construction workers can easily understand and relate to:

The God of Job

 Read Text: Job 42:7-17

Especially verses 7 to 10

 1Ito naman ang sagot ni Job kay Yahweh:

2“Alam kong ang lahat ng bagay ay kaya ninyong gawin,

at walang makakapigil sa lahat ng inyong balakin.

3Itinatanong ninyo,

‘Sino akong nangahas na kayo’y pag-alinlanganan

gayong ako nama’y walang nalalaman?’

Nagsalita ako ng mga bagay na di ko nauunawaan,

ng mga hiwagang di abot ng aking isipan.

4Sinabi ninyong papakinggan ko ang iyong sasabihin,

at ang iyong mga tanong ay aking sasagutin.

5Noo’y nakilala ko kayo dahil sa sinabi ng iba,

subalit ngayo’y nakita ko kayo ng sarili kong mga mata.

6Kaya ako ngayon ay nagsisisi,

ikinahihiya lahat ng sinabi, sa alabok at abo, ako ay nakaupo.”


7Pagkasabi nito kay Job, si Elifaz na Temaneo naman ang hinarap ni Yahweh. Sinabi niya, “Matindi ang galit ko sa iyo at sa dalawa mong kaibigan sapagkat hindi ninyo sinabi ang katotohanan tungkol sa akin tulad nang ginawa ni Job. 8Kaya ngayon, kumuha kayo ng pitong toro at pitong tupa. Dalhin ninyo ito kay Job at sunugin bilang handog. Ipapanalangin kayo ni Job. Siya lamang ang papakinggan ko para hindi na kayo pagbayarin sa inyong kahangalan, dahil sa hindi ninyo paglalahad ng buong katotohanan tulad nang ginagawa niya.”

9Ganoon nga ang ginawa nina Elifaz na Temaneo, Bildad na Suhita, at Zofar na Naamita. At ang panalangin ni Job ay dininig ni Yahweh.

Ibinalik ang Dating Kabuhayan ni Job

10Ang kabuhayan ni Job ay ibinalik ni Yahweh sa dati, nang ipanalangin nito ang tatlong kaibigan. At dinoble pa ni Yahweh ang kayamanan ni Job.

 Fallen Condition Focus:

  1. Fail to Trust
  2. Fail to be Holy and Righteous
  3. Fail to Relate with God


Usual Story  on the Patience of Job

True : Ezekiel 14:14, 20

14Kung magkataong naroon sina Noe, Daniel at Job, sila lamang ang maliligtas dahil sa matuwid nilang pamumuhay.

 20Ako ang buháy na Diyos,” sabi ni Yahweh. “Naroon man sina Noe, Daniel at Job, hindi rin nila maililigtas kahit isa sa kanilang mga anak, sila lamang tatlo ang maliligtas pagkat matuwid ang kanilang pamumuhay.”

 James 5:11

11Sinasabi nating mapalad ang mga nagtitiyaga at nagtitiis. Narinig na ninyo ang tungkol sa pagtitiis ni Job at ang ginawa sa kanya ng Panginoon sa bandang huli. Talagang napakabuti at tunay na mahabagin ang Panginoon.

 Job is not my hero-since unstated assumptions are the sufferings he has to undergo

 This is a fast review of the book of Job-we will coast along the book


  1. God is Holy and Righteous

      He delights in Job who is righteous – 1:1,5

      Job three friends expect Job to be righteous even in inner life

      As Job describe himself- 28:28;   31:1-34

      Read Job 29: 12-17 (Mala-FPJ na description)

      “12Sapagkat tinulungan ko ang dukha sa kanilang pangangailangan,

      dinamayan ko ang mga ulilang wala nang mapuntahan.

      13Pinupuri ako ng mga dumanas ng kasawian,

      natulungang mga biyuda sa tuwa’y nag-aawitan.

      14At ang lagi kong adhikain, katarungan at katuwiran ay siyang pairalin.

      15Para sa mga bulag, ako’y nagsilbing mata;

      at sa mga pilay, ako ang kanilang paa.

      16Nagsilbi akong ama ng mga mahihirap,

      Kahit di ko kilala ay aking nililingap.

      17Ang lakas ng masasama, aking sinisira

      ang kanilang mga bihag, sinikap kong mapalaya.

  1. God creates and sustains this universe

      Job 38:1-7

      We are little compared to him

      Bildad: Job 25: 2-6 (Just a worm)

      “2“Makapangyarihan ang Diyos dapat siyang igalang;

      naghaharing mapayapa sa buong sangkalangitan.

      3Ang kanyang mga anghel ay hindi mabibilang,

      lahat ay nasisikatan ng kanyang kaliwanagan.

      4Maaari bang maging matuwid ang tao sa paningin ng Diyos?

      Sa harapan ng Maykapal siya ba’y dalisay nang lubos?

      5Para sa Diyos, ang buwan ay walang ningning,

      at ang mga bituin ay marumi sa kanyang tingin.

      6Gaano pa ang tao na isa lamang hamak na uod,

      may halaga kaya siya sa paningin ng Diyos?”

      Illustration: Wife – homemaker /housewife

      President PNOY- announcing our robust economy

      Then Sabah issue and Golan Heights kidnapping

  1. God loves to relates to his creatures especially man

      God takes delight on Job (1: 8)

 8“Napansin mo ba ang lingkod kong si Job?” tanong ni Yahweh. “Wala siyang katulad sa daigdig. Mabuti siyang tao, sumasamba sa akin, at umiiwas sa masamang gawain,” dugtong pa ni Yahweh.

             God scolded Job’s friends –who just discuss about Him and box Him-like that of   INC and Dating Daan :

             Job 42: 7:

             7Pagkasabi nito kay Job, si Elifaz na Temaneo naman ang hinarap ni Yahweh.     Sinabi niya, “Matindi ang galit ko sa iyo at sa dalawa mong kaibigan sapagkat          hindi ninyo sinabi ang katotohanan tungkol sa akin tulad nang ginawa ni Job

            Job prays and pleads to Him:

            Job 30:16-23

‘Halos mapatid na ang aking hininga,

hindi na maibsan ang hirap kong dala.

17Sa buong magdamag, mga buto ko ay masakit,

ginhawa’y di madama kahit isang saglit.

18Hinablot ng Diyos ang aking kasuotan,

at ako’y kaawa-awang kanyang kinwelyuhan.

19Pagkatapos noon, ako’y kanyang inihagis

lumubog sa putik, parang isang yagit.

20“Di mo pinakinggan, O Diyos, ang aking pagdaing,

aking panalangin, hindi mo man lang pinansin.

21Bakit ako’y iyong pinagmamalupitan,

at pinag-uusig ng iyong buong kapangyarihan?

22Bakit hinayaang ang buhay kong angkin,

bayuhin ng bagyo at malalakas na hangin?

23Alam kong dadalhin mo ako sa kamatayan,

na huling hantungan ng bawat nilalang.


            Job really talks to Him

             Job 31:35-37

             35“Mayroon sanang nakikinig sa mga sinasabi ko,

isinusumpa kong lahat ito’y pawang totoo.

Sagutin sana ako ng Diyos na Makapangyarihan,

kung isusulat ng kaaway ang kanyang mga paratang.

36Ito’y aking ikukwintas

at isusuot na parang korona.

37Sasabihin ko sa Diyos ang lahat ng aking ginawa,

sa paglapit sa kanya’y wala akong dapat ikahiya.

Job even remembers the times when God is ‘good’ to Him

Sino ba naman ang di-maaantig ang puso pag nadinig ito?

Job 29: 1-5

1Muling nagsalita si Job,

2“Kung maibabalik ko lang ang mga unang araw

noong ang Diyos sa akin ay palagi pang nagbabantay;

3Nang ang liwanag niya sa akin ay gumagabay,

sa paglakad ko sa dilim, siya ang aking tanglaw.

4Noon, ako ay sagana, maluwag ang pamumuhay,

kaibigang matalik ang Diyos na buháy, at sa buong pamilya ko, siya ang patnubay.

5Noon ay malapit ang Makapangyarihang Diyos sa akin,

at ang mga anak ko’y lagi sa aking piling.


In all of this Job wanted someone to accompany him and lawyer for him before God:

 Job 19:23-27

23“Ang mga salita ko sana’y maisulat

at maitala sa isang buong aklat!

24At maiukit sa bato itong mga sinabi ko

upang habang panaho’y mabasa ng mga tao.

25Ngunit alam kong di natutulog ang aking Tagapagligtas,

na magtatanggol sa akin pagdating ng wakas.

26Pagkatapos na maubos itong aking buong balat,

makikita ko ang Diyos kahit laman ay maagnas.

27Siya’y aking mamamasdan, at mukhaang makikita;

siya’y makikilala nitong aking mga mata.

Ang puso ko’y nananabik na masdan ko na siya.


He wanted to plead before Him face-to-face

 Even though God is not easily found:

 Job 23:1-9

1Ito naman ang sagot ni Job:

2“Hanggang ngayon ay masama pa itong aking loob,

bagama’t ako’y nananangis, pinaparusahan pa rin ng Diyos.

3Kung alam ko lamang kung saan siya matatagpuan,

pupuntahan ko siya sa kanyang kinaroroonan.

4Ihaharap ko sa kanya ang aking kalagayan

at ilalahad kong lahat ang aking katuwiran.

5Gusto kong malaman ang isasagot niya sa akin;

nais kong maunawaan ang kanyang sasabihin.

6Gagamitin kaya sa akin ang lahat niyang kapangyarihan?

Hindi! Sa halip, hinaing ko’y kanyang papakinggan.

7Sapagkat ako’y taong matuwid na haharap sa kanya,

kanyang ipahahayag na ako’y walang sala.

8“Sa dakong silangan, hindi ko siya natagpuan;

hindi ko rin siya nakita sa gawing kanluran.

9Di ko rin siya nakita sa dakong hilaga,

at sa bandang timog, ni bakas ay wala.

Job is not perfect  and he made mistakes in judgment since

Job does not know everything –as seen here:

 Job 38:1-4

1Pagkatapos nito, sumagot ang Diyos kay Job sa pamamagitan ng malakas na bagyo,

2“Sino kang mag-aalinlangan sa aking kaalaman?

Lalo lamang lumilitaw ang iyong kamangmangan.

3Tumayo ka riyan at magpakalalaki,

tanong ko’y sagutin, ikaw ay magsabi.

4Nasaan ka nang likhain ko ang mundo?

Kung talagang may alam ka, lahat ay sabihin mo.


And yet Job talks and repent in front of God:

 Job 42:

1Ito naman ang sagot ni Job kay Yahweh:

2“Alam kong ang lahat ng bagay ay kaya ninyong gawin,

at walang makakapigil sa lahat ng inyong balakin.

3Itinatanong ninyo,

‘Sino akong nangahas na kayo’y pag-alinlanganan

gayong ako nama’y walang nalalaman?’

Nagsalita ako ng mga bagay na di ko nauunawaan,

ng mga hiwagang di abot ng aking isipan.



  1. Personal Relationship- Do you know God? Do you still pray to Him?

      Do you feel His presence in your life? It is time to come to Him through Jesus.

 2.   Trust –do you trust Him as he carries you in financial troubles; sickness; failed     relationships; misunderstanding; flawed schedules?  Or are you thinking that you are the creator and sutainer of your life? –Trust God and lean       not on your understanding . Sabi nga na isang tao sa kanyang asawa-             “Right Hand- Steady ka lang”- “Left Hand- Huwag kang bibitiw”

                  Sabay sabay- “Andyan Naman si Lord”

 Proverbs 3:    

5Kay Yahweh ka magtiwala, buong puso at lubusan,

at huwag kang mananangan sa sariling karunungan.

6Sa lahat ng iyong gawain siya nga’y alalahanin,

upang ika’y patnubayan sa iyong mga tatahakin.

7Huwag mong ipagyabang ang iyong nalalaman;

igalang mo’t sundin si Yahweh, at lumayo ka sa kasamaan.

8Sa gayon, ikaw ay lalakas at magiging matatag,

mawawala ang pighati, gagaling ang iyong sugat.


3. Live a life -reflective of a Holy and Righteous Relationship with God

Baka Crony ka niya –instead asset ka sa relationship nila-meaning you are just a user not a worshipper and  a child of God?


Since God is Holy- We live holy lives

Since God is our creator and sustainer- We must just trust Him

Since God wants a relationship with us- We must talk and relate to Him every day, every minute, every second of our life

 Romans 11:

33Lubhang napakasagana ng kayamanan ng Diyos! Di matarok ang kanyang karunungan at kaalaman! Sino ang makakapagpaliwanag ng kanyang mga kapasyahan? Sino ang makakaunawa ng kanyang mga pamamaraan? Gaya ng nasusulat,

34“Sino ang nakakaalam sa pag-iisip ng Panginoon?

Sino ang maaaring maging tagapayo niya?

35Sino ang nakapagbigay ng anuman sa kanya

na dapat niyang bayaran?”

36Sapagkat ang lahat ng bagay ay mula sa kanya, sa pamamagitan niya, at pag-aari niya. Sa kanya ang karangalan magpakailanman! Amen.


Church -The Pillar and Base of Truth

1 Timothy 3:14-16

14 I am writing these things to you, hoping to come to you before long;15 but in case I am delayed, I write so that you will know how one ought to conduct himself in the household of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and support of the truth.16 By common confession, great is the mystery of godliness:
He who was revealed in the flesh,
Was vindicated in the Spirit,
Seen by angels,
Proclaimed among the nations,
Believed on in the world,
Taken up in glory.


Just a simple comment for modern Romanist apologist: Though the church is called “the pillar and base” ( stulos and hedraioma)  of truth -it was not called “foundation” (themelios) nor the stone (lithon) which is only pertains to Jesus – and the witness to His Godhood and Manhood as shown in succeeding verses above in 1 Timothy 3.

It is significant that it is similar to this  text in Matthew 16:

13 Now when Jesus came into the district of Caesarea Philippi, He was asking His disciples, “Who do people say that the Son of Man is?”14 And they said, “Some say John the Baptist; and others, Elijah; but still others, Jeremiah, or one of the prophets.”15 He *said to them, “But who do you say that I am?”16 Simon Peter answered, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.”17 And Jesus said to him, “Blessed are you, Simon Barjona, because flesh and blood did not reveal this to you, but My Father who is in heaven.18 I also say to you that you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build My church; and the gates of Hades will not overpower it.19 I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; and whatever you bind on earth shall have been bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall have been loosed in heaven.”20 Then He warned the disciples that they should tell no one that He was the Christ.

wherein the confession that Jesus is the Messiah and the Son of the Living God -is the bedrock-the foundation stone- of what will be the church after Pentecost which Peter started opening during his preaching that day.

So what does it mean that the church is the “pillar and base” of truth? If it is not meant to be main interpreter of Truth-what then? Pillars and its base in ancient buildings are meant to support the rest of the building -but it is not the foundation which is below it-and which the whole building rest. But at a certain part of the building -it helps in assisting in supporting the whole building . It is also used in ancient societies as a “billboard” for official or public announcements-like a evangel- a good news.

Therefore the church must remain faithful in its station- so that the Gospel-the Good News about Jesus as Messiah and Son of God -is always proclaim . It must remain faithful to this task or it will instead obscure the Gospel and be self-important in its mind- much like the Romanist and  Orthodox variant- and like those  of the cults like INC and LDS.

So in history-as long as the church is faithful- the Word and the Gospel is defended and proclaimed clearly and effectively- but when the church turns inward and pompous- many were never able to hear the Words of the Messiah-and thus forfeited salvation. May we be faithful i out time then