TGIF: Matthew 14: 22-36, Jesus Walks on Water

Matthew 14: 27 But immediately Jesus spoke to them: “Have courage! It is I. Do not be afraid.”

Jesus was preparing his disciples for the ministry. He taught them during the parable of the loaves and the fishes that He-Jesus, is not just able to make a miracle of creation-but that as they asked his help-they -his disciples-are also able to do their own too. This is shown by the excess 12 baskets.

Here-after deciding that his disciples have to cross the Sea of Galilee towards the northwest portion of the lake, he went up to pray and remain until there evening.


The apostles-who were trained fishermen-and now not fishing but trying to sleep-was beeing bothered by the water and the wind. Who can sleep in such a situation? Drowsiness and listlessness is the common malady of people caught in this kind of situation.


In this situation-Jesus came-amidst the storm and the waves. And true-We would have shouted also that he is also a ghost! Walks on water? Who has done this in history? Maybe in Anime or movies-but they are not real-but special effects only. But here is someone who can walk above fresh water and not sink. Was there a trick? a invisible foot path? Icy steps? No-for Peter sunk when he was distracted by the waves.


He is also stilled the waves by enetering the boat. He is the “It is I” -ego eimi-The “I am what I am” of Old Testament. Thus it is significant that the disciples responded with faith and adoration. They worshipped him. Who can say that this is not an acknowledgment of divinity-deity? The disciples should know by now and shopuld always expressed their trust on him after shown by the Lord of His simple power.


Not only He can walked on water-which is already a miracle-but that He can also came for them from the mountains when they are buffeted by the winds and that when Peter needed hep-He is just beside Him to give His hand! How fast was He? And yet when unbelieving people were asking for miracles-He seems powerless. That truly is a privilege of deity. He is truly Sovereign Lord-a Lord of His people.


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