Why am I am not for the Mayor in the South

I have posted this at my social media page -but through the months I am updating it -as I read and observed this man’s quest for the highest office of the land. The more he speaks his mind -the more I feel the revulsion -considering when in  November,2015 -due to the incessant NP Senator’s wooing him- I tried to assess his viability as president -But I am way pass that. I consider a Binay/Duterte as President and then a Bongbong Marcos VP as a disaster to our country, a retrograde to the past-much more than Erap or GMA combined. Here are my reasons:


Because he is just a city mayor in the South, who took almost 30 yrs (since 1986) to make things work in his city -he might have murdered criminals without due process (700 to 1700 ) -He is now denying these extra-judicial killings though . He turned down a DILG post because he admitted that he is not qualified. He was in Congress but never passed any laws and he admitted that he was just passing time then.

A self-proclaimed Socialist, a local industry-protectionist that will scare away foreign investors, a Leftist leaning ,and a Muslim and a LGBT sympathizer.His knowledge of macro economics and international relations are too simplistic ( like a national steel mfg and just talking to China or going in a jet ski to solve our West Phil Sea encroachment?).

Not a family man you can point to your children as someone to emulate because of her two wives ( first marriage was annuled -with abortion forced on his 1st wife as per his psychological report in their anulment ) and simultaneous girlfriends and a mouth like Al Pacino who does not even respect the worldwide head of an established religion (the Pope)and even the memory of a female Australian missionary who was raped and killed in August 1989- but easily be lenient to local vote-rich religious group -the INC (who inconvenienced for 3 days the riding public in a major highway-EDSA) and the cult of Quiboloy.

His planned form of government (federalization) may dismember our 7500 islands-nation and will even grant 2 ARMM areas in Mindanao(1 for MNLF, another for MILF) because of supposed righting of a historical wrong we did to the Moros of Mindanao -which did not consider that Islam is basically spread its religion by conquest.


His parents were local govt officials during Marcos era- which is now influencing his views wrt the Marcoses. He will allow a hero’s burial for an ex-dictator and falsely medalled Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani and is infatuated with Bongbong Marcos -while using the resources of NP Senator as his VP tandem.


He has his own political dynasty at Davao city. He was ex-President Gloria Arroyo’s consultant on law and order when Human Rights Watch is monitoring the Davao Death Squad -which is related to his announcements of its target for the DDS.

He is threatening to close the Senate and Congress if he is NOT able to get their cooperation once in office. He is not just after one term in Presidential office. He wants a revolution.

So in terms of character, competence and experience. He is 5th on my list after Roxas, Poe,Santiago,and Binay.


2 responses to “Why am I am not for the Mayor in the South

  1. Try harder! your assumptions are too simplistic as well! Fail!
    Don’t you know America became great because socialist ideas?

    • What i know from online exchanges with DU30 followers are they very bad wrt history. Anyway – as for the US as a socialist ? Better as the Pilgrim and Puritan Fathers about that and the French author -Tocqueville.

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