Why feel threatened?

If my requested meeting with elders happened in July 2008, instead of Pastor M closing the doors immediately to any dialogue or discussion with an open bible, then today would be different. I might have stayed at JLOAPC or even if we left them-it would be in better terms instead of disrespect or closeness of mind.

If Pastor M believes that infant baptism is defensible from the scriptures then I don’t think he should not be afraid of defending them. If he believes that he already knows my baptistic view (which he does not-since it is the new covenant theology variety and not the simplistic baptist view) then he should be braved in pointing out to me where in my scriptural understanding that I went astray. But he did not do both. Why?

Because he thought it was an assault against his authority and he is hiding his views regarding tithing that he stopped any means of dialogue. He is afraid that two of his elders will understand new covenant believer’s baptism and grace giving than him and might decide that his beliefs is not really in-line with Scriptures. He feared for his job-his source of additional salary since his main salary is as a company employee for an air conditioner  maintenance company.

But if he only tried to open his mind and investigate and study the scriptures and articles I gave him-then instead of feeling threatened-he should feel liberated. Does he think that there is comfort in numbers like we experience last 2007 GAPCP’s anniversary? There is only comfort in truth.

Sayang. Magkakasama pa sana kami.


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