This is about the series of blogs regarding my life wherein I enecountered different persons, issues, theologies and activities:

Wandering: Life before Christ : Upcoming

Days at Instruccion,Sampaloc

Martial Law Transfer

Walkie-Talkie theft

Josephine at Irineville

High School Crushes: Maria Luisa de Guzman

My elementary buddies: Eric,Emil,Joseph and Emmanuel

Owl and the Pussycat

Always sick and dizzy

Sis Melody’s group-Sander, Kent and I

Nightmare with dolls

Man on the moon -Ali vs. Frazier

Collision Course: My Conversion Story and Early Christian Life

1. Collision 1: Winter of My Soul

2. Collision 2: Cheating

3. Collision 3: Dengue Fever

4. Collision 4: Angel in the Hospital

5. Collision 5: Stoicism or Miracle

6. Collision 6: Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship

7. Collision 7: Hal Lindsey,National Bookstore and John 10

8. Collision 8: Easter Baptism 1982

9. Collision 9: My First Persecution

Impact : The  Christian Reformed Years (1982-1990)

Impact 1 : “Today” and Pastor Dick Kwantes

Impact 2 : The Vanderbilts at Tirona Street, BF Homes

Impact 3 : Tan Sisters and Maranatha Ministries

Impact4 : Vacation with the Vanderbilts

Impact 5 : First Elder and Corporate Election

Impact 6: Doc Norman and Young People of BFHCF

Impact 7: Young People Group, BFHCF

Impact 8: Bible Study at the Cayetano’s

Impact 9: Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Upcoming in “Impact”:

After the Vanderbilts left: Ps Ric dictum

Preaching the Heildelberg

Adelina Christian Fellowship


Ricochet: My life outside of Presbyterianism: 

Ricochet 1: Pastor Noel Espinosa


About the Death of our nephew: Nathaniel Tulay:

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