TGIF: Matthew 12:22-37 The Demoniac


1. The demoniac “healed:

2. Jesus and Baalzebub

3. Sin against the Holy Spirit

4. Careless Words

1. There are cases in Jesus ministry that defies categorization. A demon-possessed man is usually exorcised. But in this case -the man was healed.It also means that some sickness is related directly tothe working of the devil. One must be cautious here. It is easy to gooverboard and say that most sickness is devil-related. Some are and it must be rigidly established. This is athe reason that the crowd begins to think the Messianic characteristic of Jesus.

2. But the Pharisees is adamant in their unbelief or unbelief that Jesus can never be the messiah since he keeps violating their cherished beliefs.So they conclude that Jesus is an agent of Satan (Canaanitic term is Baalzebub-which means “Lord of the Flies”). The Lord immediately contraadicts them for their nonsense. A demon prize will not be let go. A demon-possessed man is straightway to hell , in this life and tothe thereafter-unless freed! They don’t let go. So it had to be the enemy kingdom who have to let loosed of them. Redemption or liberation is what Jesus is bringing. And the Spirit of God is the prime agent of release. This is a proof the present realized presence of the kingdom of God and that there is a such thing as a “economic Trinity”.

3. The Sin against the Holy Spirit is a public, vocal proof of a persistent,convince unbelief and assignment of supernatural works of Jesus to the devil. It is more than mere unbelief in Jesus (which is the sin against the Son of Man) .Pharisees who are convince not to believe Jesus because of his threat to their office of teaching, and their decision to murder him-for whatever reasons and to ascribe his works to the devil-is an example of the blasphemy ofthe Holy Spirit. Let us beware of it.

4.This paragraph is usually used to moralize regarding gossip,cursing, green jokes and the like. Though it can be extended to that-the chief emphasis of these passages is that we be careful to speak agianst something we don’t undesrtand especially about Jesus and the Holy Spirit. To speak glibly of spiritual things-without investigating and validatingthem is gross error. One can be justified and condemned  because of it. To speak of Jesus as Savior and Lord is to be justified. To speak against the Holy Spirit’s work- convinced persistently -as a work of the devil-is to be condemned.


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