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TGIF: Matt 11:20-30-Difficult Subjects

Eternal Judgment and Predestination-two difficult topics-not for its logicality-but for the emotional reaction-one might have-once the reality sinks in.

In verses 20-24, Jesus is shown to have reach his limit. Time waits for no one-nor God can be patient forever. And the more the privilege, the more responsibility. And remember-just because one sees a miracle-one immediately believe. Others wants the whole universe spin their own way before believing. What do they think of God? Cosmic magician/ entertainer?

We fancy ourselves that we will have the whole life before we are called to account for. Not this text-and not that time when Jesus was in the first coming.

In verses 25-27, Jesus mention about His father hiding something from the wise and sharing it with “children” even unto babes-Is this then a doctrine of infant salvation or baptism. However -I think the next few verses-clarifies it-It is shown only to those who are in labor and in burden. He promises rest to them-If they will come to Him. Then they will be shown whats is hidden from others.

Who can then comes to rest? Is anyone-in his own freewill? Yes and No. Yes-it is because of those with faith/trust in the rest offered by Jesus that will not experience judgement. No-it is only to those “Nor does anyone know the Father except the Son, and the one to whom the Son wills to reveal Him”  Jesus is wiling to show himself and the Father to those who wants rest. And He is showing these things to those He is willing to reveal. The paradox of election and freedom.


Collision 2: Cheating

When in high school I tried not to cheat in class. I may allow others to get my answer -because I took pity on them. Even if it may mean that I have a lesser score-I think it be better to face to reality than to face a lie. Some of my friends and classmates cheat-even when they are higher than me in the class standing.

Not bad for an existential agnostic-who does not believe if there will be reward in the afterlife if one behaves in this life.

But the Lord God wants me to face myself-my weakness,my pride.

I was a NSTA scholar during my 1st and 2nd year of college at UST , BSEE. But I having problems coping with loneliness and facing to many questions of philosophical and romantic nature. I was in love then with a pretty lass named Grace Oquindo. And the fact that college algebra is harder than what it is in college.

Sometime before the finals week of the 1st semester of my First Year in College-Grace fell in love. Not to me-but another guy-in fact a handsome guy. I was devastated. I thought in my loneliness-with Grace by my side  I will be able  sing “Even the Nights are Better” by Air Supply. But she dashed my hopes to pieces. And I was left alone to wallow in sorrow.

grace oquindo

Later in the 2nd year , she transferred to Nursing, and she is now based at California USA. God have other plans for me. I also hope for her.

But on the week when my dengue fever is starting I took my final semestral exams in drafting and algebra-and due to physical and psychological-I cheated and was caught. The pr0fessor just warned me-but my ego was shattered.

I am no longer standing in my lofty tower-I was brought low.

Decade and a Half

As part of our church Christmas party presentation-Mariel and I made a slide show using the Windows media movie maker. I wrote a poem for it and using the background music of “Thank you, Lord” played with a flute by David Gonzales- I read this poem:


After a decade and a half

We lost our home.

Then we heard again

His whisper

In a song

In a story

Music that gently touching

our wounded hearts


In a thousand little pieces.

In a city full of buildings

We found them

As they let us enter

And be part of them.

Before we despaired

of cold nights

Before the northern wind

chills our spirits

The Lord had helped us

to find

a new home.

Collision 1: Winter of My Soul

It did not helped me in my faith even when I studied since my Grade 1 in a Roman Catholic School run by the Augustinian Recollect sisters. Even when a nun (Sis. Melodina Ramirez) befriended me -she even gave me a book- “The Friendship Game” and even included me in a group of agnostics- Kent, and Sander.

I avidly followed two TV series MASH and Lou Grant then. I realized that -since you cannot be sure of whether there is a God or not and that you are not sure of what he really wants-man must make do. But in order to be authentic to oneself and not go down to the level of animals he must choose the high road-a selfless ethic-even though there can never be a reward or punishment in the afterlife.

But as I go through 4th year high school to 1st year college-I found out that this pespective is untenable and hard for the soul-it wants something more concrete -stable to build an ethic that can withstand tyhe tyrants and evil men of life.

This was the time of dictators like Marcos and the Soviet Unions- that can bury you in the dark where no one will find you out.

Agnostic existentialism can only thrives in a ideal world-not in one where Satan has his minions that will torture you now-and then forever.

I felt then that I need soemone to be by my side. I am nearer to the warmth of eternity but I must pass through another channel again. At least I had run past the winter of my soul that sends chills inside.

Shot Dead in the Rain

A passing thought regarding the death of a son in a picture in Manila Bulletin dated December 13, 2008:

His mother sheltering him from the rain.

Wife  -her face -raining with tears.

A lover that wants what he cannot get.

A forlorn figure soak in the rain.

Mother caring for the last time.

For a son she bore for a long time.

The Millenium Bug-My Involvement

I was a Christian Reconstructionist since 1990. I stopped being one just this year. One of Gary North’s influence to me was his involvement in the Y2K Bug and its preparation.

I am convinced then that around 1998-1999 -that there’s not enough preparation being done by local government and private companies.  I made a letter to the mayors and governors of Laguna and the Bicol area where I thought we will have to run to when the worst case scenario happens.

We were given audience to Governor Joey Lina then-and was asked by one of his staff in our knowledge of the details. “Kumpareng” Brando was very deep in here-and we both share Reconstructionism views.

I even spoke in a summer camp of General Assembly of the Presbyterian Chruch of the Phils, and a CLASP (Christian Leaders Association of San Pedro)  meeting at Los Banos, Laguna regarding this. When some of my friends even tried to find a suitable lot at Sinoloan, Laguna-I was not able to come and invest. I am more interested in transferring myself to Catanduanes island-home of my father-in-law-and I think is self-sufficient in terms of food.

Most of the time I am confronted by either apocalyptic perspective or incredulousness. But we don’t harbor either of the two. I hope that all the preparations will make it in time.

Many companies did replaced their legacy applications-so it went well. 

With the knowledge that I knew then-I think I will still make the same reactions and preparations. I am not omniscient and thus I have to make decisions and risk assessment. I love my family and I have to make unconcealed actions that can be easily misunderstood and used against me. I do not hide behind ignorance and unexamined hopes.

This year I am no longer a Reconstructionist-but I still believe in the relevance of the Christian worldview. And I still believe in making decisions base on what I can know and make risk and loss assessment based on what is available.

The City

The city threatens us with its quantity, technology and all-presence. it seems to denigrate our faith to obsolescence by its immediate relevance. Too many cars, mass transport system, many source of information, many buildings in different shapes and sizes and many choices that can be made-if you have the money.

Faith seems irrelevant and too old and stocky in this situation. But it is the only thing that can withstand the onslaught to or being. If it is anchored in Christ and His Word-it will. It may seem irrelevant-but wait and see when that looming crisis comes into our land-or wait and see when the winter into your soul enveloped your heart in ice-then you will feel the burning faith -ablazed by the Spirit- rescuing your tired and old soul.