Church Review: Day By Day Christian Ministries & Pistang Kristiyano


Located at the Bulwagan ng Panginoon (Folk Arts Theater), Roxas Blvd., Pistang Kristiyano was celebrated there for the third time out of 13. Led by Day by Day Christian Ministries-they also celebrated Pstr Ed Lapiz 30th anniversary in the ministry-meaning 1979.


There is one word to describe DaybyDay (DBD)-hospitable-a very Filipino trait and one that extols kindness, gentleness and generosity -face to face with such global crisis in our midst (financial and swine flu). 

Their staff-even at the start of 7AM were friendly,cheerful and accommodating. There was even food (to be bought) for breakfast for those who came from afar. In fact there is free drinkable water scattered around the venue.

The worship music is so wonderful, heavenly and almost continuous. Led  by worship teams from other satellite and affiliate churches and groups-the music ranges from the soulful worship songs to the rambunctious praise songs.

We even have the chance to hear the never-retiring Mabuhay Singers. In fact I liked and even remembered their  duets.

Ps Ed Lapiz preaching, as always is appropriate and practical. And it is clear. Though I disagree with his tithing preaching-I agree with him that in our celebrations-we should not forget those men of God who works tirelessly for the benefit of the Gospel and the well-being of church members. And yes -worship venues must be paid too.This is reality-nothing comes for free. Only His Grace is -but it came in a steep prize-the death of His Son.

The bonus-battle of the bands, singing and dancing contests-the many ‘palaros’, ‘tiangge’, ‘Santa Cruzan’, fluvial parade and the 7Pm fireworks. As I said they were hospitable and very generous.

Chariots of Fire singing their original song

Chariots of Fire singing their original song

I was just wondering how can I contact the band “Chariots of Fire” so that I can buy a copy or hear again their original song. Though they did only won third place in the “battle of the bands” -their song won the hearts of the listeners there. It was beautiful and heavenly and their rendition (duet)  did justice to it. Anyone can help me here?

Please check their website:


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