Tuesday Special: Mary and Martha


From Luke 10:38-42

Mary and Martha are sisters. Jesus is their master teacher. Martha took in charge of feeding Jesus and his disciples-how many is not told. But Mary when he heard Jesus teaching-which he was doing, sat at his feet as one his disciples. A no no for a Jewish culture. Women are not supposed to learn. Men are.

Martha took the path of least resistance. Go with the flow. Even their master is not really doing that. He is turning the whole Israel into uproar for his disregard of conventions and traditions.And he did not need conventional authorities for support either.

Mary could have feed the group in much simpler terms-so that she can concentrate in his teaching s0 but she did not. Instead she took potshots at Mary for having  her priorities straight-whoever is complaining or getting distracted.

Sometimes we crowded out in our lives the best things-by doing only the good-which can be postponed later. But we tried to be supermen-or geminis-at two places at a time-which is literally impossible. We are but men.

To be with Lord and listen to him is top priority. We might have other calling or acitivities to be done-but it is secondary. To know this frees us. Not to know is to be in a hurried way all the time.


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