Future Faith

The Future belongs to Us

The Making of Enterprise on Earth

The Making of Enterprise on Earth

This is more about my dreams and aspirations. Trying to be positive and inspirational here.

I still believe that mankind had a lot of future to go through. With its depravity and humanity-Someday Grace and Reason will triumph. Of course, the enemy will always be lurking and will make its final assault in the end. I believe the stakes will be bigger-not mere earth-but the universe itself.

Warp Drive to the Future

Warp Drive to the Future

This is more about technology and the arts and the future that is calling us. I have not decided how this will look like so it is more of a dream.

I will be also placing mindmaps or sketches of messages I wish to preach before I was suspended for even thinking baptism within New Covenantal lines.


2 responses to “Future Faith

  1. Brother Ray, Did you return to the Christian Reformed Church, or are you just doing some guest preaching?

    • The brother and sister Esguerra wants me to preach once a month (they are elder and deaconess respectively) at San Pedro CRC. But my whole family is still with VCF alabang where my children are involved-and with disciples under them. I only usher and attend worship every Sunday there.

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