Impact: Doc Norman and Young People of BFHCF


I was the Vice-President of Education of our Young People group at BF Homes Christian Fellowship. With Pastor Rey Domingo as the VP for Activities and Pastor Edwin Puzon as the President.

Doc Norman was new then. Coming from a baptist background, and trained by the Campus Crusade for Christ especially in the “4 Spiritual Laws” -he was eager to train us in combat evangelism. We were Calvinist-and knows our theology -but we are not practical nor good at training others in the field of evangelism. But base don what we read from Ernest Reisinger “The Carnal Christian” we cannot accept a gospel presenattion that teaches a half-Jesus. Savior only-but not Lord. This was the Lordship Controversy that Dr John Mcarthur and the Free Grace movement had fought about. But it was still a new controversy then.

My mentor -Pastor Ric was bale to harmonize our concerns-and Doc Norman was able to teach us evangelism -while we hold to our confession that Jesus is both Savior and Lord. As we know-the Reformed wing is always for “sanctification through the law”-in  a simplistic manner.


Later he also became a convinced 5-pointer Calvinist himself-and even wrote a manual for BFHCF.

Through Doc Norman we were also able to have a Young People Summer somewhere at Batangas-near Bauang-and the place is secluded and conducive to learning. You can hear the rooster crow-for miles-so to speak.

Later Doc Norman became the best man in my wedding with Belle. And we kind of meet once a year -because he is also the godfather of one of my sons. But Pastor Edwin had a falling out with him-for reasons that I am no longer sure if it is worth fighting about. But he remains as one of my friends.


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