Collision 6: Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship

I am continuing my conversion story started in Collision 1. I choose this title since it signifies the collsion of my old wordl and the new christian world-with its worldview and culture.

It was the suggestion of my grandfather and my aunt to look for an IVCF campus ministries at UST gardens. And thru it especially -now Engr Onofredo Mojica , I was able to find a house church at Constancia St., Sampaloc, Manila-named “Community Church of the Risen Lord”. It was led by 5 elders-namely (now) Ps Ric Pagarigan, Ps Esdras Martinez, Elder Fred Gan, another one I cannot remember right now and the deceased Paredes patriarch. They were the one who interviewed me for my 1992 baptism at Cubao Baptist Church.

My long time mentor is Ps Ric who introduced me to Francis Schaeffer and Faith Theological Seminary. We also both watched the “Empire Strikes Back” the first time around. He is now pastoring at Canada.

My usual responsibilities then was to keep the hymnals and the chairs and to help Ps. Ric in his bible studies and house visitation.


One response to “Collision 6: Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship

  1. Great blog and hope to have some time soon to come back and read more!

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