Impact: Bible Study at the Cayetano’s

cayetano family

And yes- I know Mom Sandy Cayetano, Pia and Alan Cayetano. Lino was still too young then for me to know him. Mom Sandy and I was close then because we belong to the same small church then-BF Homes Christian Fellowship-which belong then to the Philippines Christian Reformed Church. We sung the same praise songs and listened to Pastor Maas Vanderbilt messages. And when we got big and with a new building- with pastors Rey Domingo and Edwin Puzon-we are confirmed Calvinists- and with the influence of Mom Sandy-we are also open to the Holy Spirit leading.

ramona tirona

And yes I did a bible study at the Cayetano’s house at Carmen de Luna St at BF Homes (their old house). Not to them but their maids and driver. Weekly. And you know what I used as material for the bible study-William Dyrness’ OT Themes. So heavy -but the simple folks did understand them-not all but their hearts are open and hungry for the word. So I went through the heavy theme of the Old Testament and I think I am the more blessed for the effort. Hope the house helpers and drivers still remember me-now that Pia and Alan are all celebrity.

I still remember Pia in the volleyball uniform while hugging his father Compañero Renato Cayetano. She was sweet and unassuming even then-no airs. Alan was always silent-always his mother owshieven when he accompanied her in our wedding at Pasay City Alliance Church. Mom Sandy was one of the sponsors in our marriage-so I think I can also call Senator Rene as my Ninong too. He was a quiet person-but full of dignity and serious mien.

When I resided at San Pedro, Laguna- our paths diverge-but I still   kept in touch of Mom Sandy through texting. I was not there when Pia lost her son-but we were able to visit them during Ninong’s wake. I never imagined that both Alan and Pia will be senator because of that tragedy.

They might be big now-but then we are just brothers,sisters and sons-in-faith. May the good Lord continue to guide and shine upon them.

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