Impact: Young People Group, BFHCF

yp groupWe were the young people group of BF Christian Fellowship. As I can remember it includes Larry Mendoza,Edwin Puzon,Rey Domingo, Norman Manlapaz, Lynne and Gie Asunsion, Madeleine dela Pena, Volet, Lita Anguluan and many more-you can help me here remember by sending your photos and list.

We were involved in combat evangelism, fellowships, joint fellowship with other CRC and even local evangelical churches, outings, seminars.

I also remember Lara Garcia. She is the daughter of Commodore Garcia. She lives then at Tahanan Village. She was studying at UP Conservatory of Music then -and like me -loves reading books. She came from Word for the World. And with patience she taught me how to cook. Fried eggs, adobo, beefsteak, nilaga-on her own expense. What a free and generous spirit. I am not a good cook- I am just an emergency cook. She also calls me affectionately as Kuya. But her token of friendship and kindness-I will remember her all my life.

cartoon_cutting_onionsAt one time, Lorraine, YWAM missionary was also a part of us. I think she is still helping churches at Lucena with her Filipino husband. We felt sad when she have to leave us for this mission-that we sang as a group for 4 hours just to relieve ourselves of our sorrow. We were ministered by the Holy Spirit in assuaging our loss.

When I took my REE board exams-I got a low score for 1 of the 3 subjects- and so I did not find my name on the list of board passer inside the ‘Manila Bulletin’. I was so sad-that I decided not to attend church for awhile. It was the Young People who helped me get back by visiting me at home and even bringing something to eat.


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