Collision 5: Stoicism or Miracle

My grandfather (Vicente Villena) visited me at my sick bed at UST hospital. He did not say anything. But the previous year-he invited me to be part of a seminar at a QC subdivision regarding the Marcos era and the economic troubles we are in. There through Pastor Banzuelo -my mother and I was bale to renounce our reliance -during my childhood-on ‘tawas’ and listening to Johnny Midnight. I also came forward so as to acknowledge Jesus before men.


So during his visit, he gave me a book on healing the body by positive thoughts as directed by the Scriptures. I think I lost this book due to one of the floods. During this time I am still affected by some things I have read. Like the stoicism as espoused by Spock of Star Trek. If I can control my emotions I can be okay-unfortunately-it doesn’t work that way. Instead , the Scriptures wants us to direct our life to a better and more worthwhile endeavour like following the Lord.


So -reason and stoicism cannot really face reality. Only faith in Jesus can. But this does not mean superstition or medievalism.


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