Impact 1 : “Today” and Pastor Dick Kwantes

My grandfather, Vicente Villena besides reading Daily Bread, also keeps Today devotional booklet-and he gives me one copy sometime in 1982.I was already convince 5-Pointer Calvinist and I might have chosen some Bible Baptist Calvinist as my church destination.

But due also to the influence of my first mentor-Ps Ric Pagarigan-with his books of Francis Schaeffer, Machen, Nash and those related to the defunct Faith Theological Seminary.-I am also weary of that association.


By the use of the Today’s address-I was able to contact the main headquarters of the Christian Reformed Church at Grand Rapids,Michigan. Then they wrote me a letter which for some time I kept together with a small booklet-which I gave to then Susanna Ponseca-Pura. And they also gave me the address of their missionary-Ps Dick Kwantes-a Canadian missionary, whose wife, Dr Anne Kwantes, is more known since she became a professor at the Asian theological

Anne Kwantes

Anne Kwantes

Seminary, Quezon City and published a church history regarding the Protestant/Presbyterian missions in the Philippines-which was published by OMF.


In 1982 they were residing at Times St. near Cory Aquino’s house. I just rode a jeepney to that place and walked to their house from the corner.

They were so hospitable and friendly-they also lent me Louis Berkhof’s Systematic Theology and the multivolume-SD Graff –Promise and Deliverance. And they also gave me the names of their missionary located at BF Homes, Paranaque. Their names were –Pastor Maas and Eloise Vanderbilts. They also gave me the name of the First CRC of Quezon City’s pastor-Rev Nomer Bernardino. I went there once-but Ps Nomer is not as enthusiastic to know that I came to know CRC because of the 5 points of Calvinism-or TULIP. He just emphasized then that there are many ministry opportunities there.

So off I go to BF Homes Christian Fellowship-located at Tirona St.


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