Ricochet 1: Pastor Noel Espinosa

I think this a good time to thank some persons who helped me in 2008-and one of them is Pastor Noel Espinosa- principal of Grace Ministerial Academy, Cubao, Metro Manila and pastor of Grace Baptist Church-Los Baños, Laguna:

When I was convinced of credobaptist position as explained by Pastor Greg Welty  (http://www.founders.org/library/welty.html)  -meaning I no longer subscribed to “infant baptism” position of Presbyterians and Confessional Reformed -with its continuity and similarity with Abrahamic covenant and the New Covenant and that baptism is the New Covenant equivalent of the fleshly circumcision done to Isaac and Ishmael and to the whole household of Abraham- I was immediately suspended by my pastor and the two elders I taught for 16 years here in San Pedro, Laguna.

Grace Baptist Church-Los Baños

I needed advice on how to go about it and Pastor Noel counseled me on caution and the elders might charge me with being dicisive based on Titus 3: 10-11 -“Reject a divisive person after one or two warnings. You know that such a person is twisted by sin and is conscious of it himself.” So his counsel saved me from a long drawn out quarrel with these people who never gave a day in church court for them and their congregation to hear the Word of God regarding this false doctrine of infant baptism which is leading their children to complacency and possibly to the broad and easy way to destruction. But they did not let me speak among them and thus God’s warning to them did not reach them. Woe to those who leads them there.

Last Sunday-my family and I accompanied my daughter to her dorm at Los Baños and visited the church where Pastor Noel is still leading and we took this picture there:

There was a brownout (no power) when we visited the church-but his 50+ members who were there (around 5PM) was attentive to him and the message he prepared from the Lord. We were welcomed by her dutiful wife and even with the short time- we have a fellowship that went beyond words . I am glad that the Lord showed me the way to Pastor Noel’s office then at Cubao.

Note:  I did not become a member of Reformed Baptist because of their c lassical Covenant Theology view-meaning they do submit to the “Christian Sabbath” and to the 10 Commandments. As an NCT advocate- and knowing the views of those who left Adventism and Armstrong’s Worldwide Church of God- I cannot submit myself to the Law -especially the Mosaic Code -which was the reason the Lord Jesus Christ freed me.

And though they are not theonomist  I know that CCT when taken to its logical conclusion will lead to that position. As a former Christian Reconstructionist and Theonomist – I am not that confident that Christians will not be tempted in position of power when imposing the Law on blasphemy and apostasy on non-Christians or even Christians who does not subscribe to their confessions. Yet from the Dutch reformed side-like Kuyper, Schaeffer, Stob, Bavinck and Van Til- I believe in having all of my thoughts submitted to the Word of God- in every area of my life. I still believe in  a future where majority will accept Jesus lordship willingly-which is a hope based on the Davidic psalms.


4 responses to “Ricochet 1: Pastor Noel Espinosa

  1. Hi Mr.Rav Rodriguez! I am Rudy Pineda It is of interest that I came up with your blog. And we have a lot of common denominators. First, I know Pastor NAE.(as he is called by his initials) I was a pioneer student of GMA where he is the principal and its under my former church CRBC. Ptr. NAE and all others in REBAP Philippines I still deeply respect. The second is I am also leaning towards NCT( I have learned this through the internet and reading authors like DA Carson, Fred Zaspel and J.Reisinger. Though DA Carson does not classify himself as such, nevertheless his Matt 5:17-ff. Exposition is the standard exposition of NCT.) and the reason for leaving CRBC. Presently I am based here in Abu Dhabi, UAE. If you are looking for NCT churches, there are a handful like the Sovereign Grace Baptist Church in Baliuag, Bulacan and others around that area. Also, there is small group now covenanting as a church under Cris Merced (a GMA Student, who is leaning towards Progressive Covenantalism/NCT). The name of that church is Trinity Gospel Church meeting right beside NAE house in Cubao, Q.C.

  2. I just chat with Rosalyn, the wife of Cris and pretty soon they might contact you and also I have refer your nice blog to them. Yes, let us get in touch more. My facebook account is http://www.facebook.com/rodolfodpineda. Add me. What is your facebook account? Thanks.

  3. Hello Bro. Rav, my name is Chris dela Merced. Kuya Rudy P. referred me to you through my wife. I’m delighted to see your labor here at wordpress! I’ve been reading a lot of materials, and they’re all good. Hope to hear from you. – Chris, TRINITY GOSPEL CHURCH, http://www.facebook.com/pilgrimschurch

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