Impact: Tan Sisters and Maranatha Ministries

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In the early 1980’s Maranatha Campus Ministries was all around the Metro Manila. Read this excerpts from Wikipedia:

“Maranatha Campus Ministries was a Charismatic/Pentecostal-oriented Christian ministry founded by Bob Weiner which existed from 1971 to 1990. Its primary outreach was to college and university campuses…

Maranatha came under considerable fire during the 1970s and 1980s, largely due to its highly authoritarian structure. There were accusations of MCM being a cult with some former members reporting behavior similar to cults that frequently recruited college students during that time…

Like many other organizations influenced by the Shepherding Movement, Maranatha soon developed clear authoritarian characteristics. As advocated by Derek Prince, members agreed to live in mutual accountability to protect their “purity in Christ.” As was typical of most organizations influenced by Shepherding teachings, this resulted in campus pastors supervising members’ lives very closely. Disobeying one’s pastor, or “shepherd,” was considered tantamount to disobeying God. The movement was labeled as a “cult” or “cultlike” by some former members and newspapers

Another common criticism of the organization was its emphasis on tithing, or giving 10 percent of their earnings to the ministry.Some pastors were rumored to keep detailed records of financial contributions, and reportedly admonished those who didn’t give enough as having a “spirit of stinginess.”…

In 1994, several former Maranatha churches and ministries who survived the break-up (including Champions for Christ) joined with other groups to form Morning Star International, under the leadership of former Maranatha pastors Rice Broocks, Phil Bonasso and Steve Murrell. Every Nation currently counts in its roster of churches at least seven former Maranatha churches in the United States, as well as a network of eight former Maranatha churches in the Philippines founded by Murrell.

Every Nation has publicly disavowed Maranatha’s more extreme practices. It claims that Weiner and Maranatha practiced “controlling discipleship, authoritarian leadership, and theological mysticism,” but that Every Nation itself “unequivocally rejects” such practices.[19] In a May 2006 letter, Murrell stated that Every Nation does not permit any practices and teachings that were “controlling, coercive, or intrusive, or that violate biblical principles (or) the priesthood of the believer.” End of Quote

Three sisters living near BF Homes Christian Fellowship were the Tan sisters-Cathy,Carol and her twin. At Maranatha-they were ‘baptized in the HS” and were able to “spoke in tongues” and were told to be prophetess. But I am of the Reformed persuasion-so was BFHCF. Though we welcomed the Charismatic-type of worship and singing-I cannot let go of stability provided by the Scriptures-and replaced it with the authority of pastors or men or women.

So I rebuked them. I did it wrongly-because I cared deeply for them-being part of the young people. But I got a big voice and it scared them in their new found experience in the Holy Spirit.

steve_murrell_talentsinc So that is my first bout with the Pentecostals-and I lose.      Lost those I need to recover-they are young, frenetic in their singing, and very hip hop in their associations. The recently reincarnated Victory Christian Fellowship came from them-though they renounced their associations from Maranatha-their focus on young people is still there.

I just hoped that they really renounced its ways-and is not just hiding it somewhere until pressured by circumstances. There are many good testimonies from those saved in these churches. And I also have many friends and acquaintances bearing the fruit of the Spirit who are regular member/attendees there too.


4 responses to “Impact: Tan Sisters and Maranatha Ministries

  1. Receive regards from us in Kenya . I am pastor Musa Machuki, of Independent Church . After looking on the Internet searching the Biblical true church, which we can affiliate with, have found your church ministry’s name and your e-mail address. As we have been in need to get a true worshippers of God to affiliate with and who may accept us to be part of their church, and accept teaching us and advising to further the Lord’s work in Kenya.

    I find that your doctrine are good and brought them and read them before my church members and we all accepted to work under your leadership. After agreed with my church committee, they requested me to write this letter for inquire and invite you to come to Kenya and organize our church in a way that God can be pleased.

    We are really happy for your statement of faith which we read in the internet, by God’s Love, come and teach, train, Baptize our people as you are doing there with your church members.

    May God bless you and keep you safe. Hope to hear from you again soon.

    Yrs in Gods love pastor Moses Machuki

    • I would just like to know the exact “statement of faith” you read or click at my blog-there are some affiliates also link to my blog? But good to hear from you- do you ahve email address we can correspond privately?

  2. hi admin.

    just want to ask if there’s a christian church you can recommend to me in the better living area. probably along the same lines as victory christian fellowship.

    would appreciate your help!

    • What do you like about VCF? Music during praise and worship? Preaching that is not so deep but always relevant? discipleship groups? Sunday school for children? I can only recommend if you make it specific.

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