Collision 8: Easter Baptism 1982

After sometime-and helping Pastor Ric Pagarigan do his bible studies and visitation-I was slated to be interviewed by the elders-They were five of them. “Community Church of the Risen Lord” was led by 5 elders-namely Elders Ric Pagarigan, Esdras Martinez, Fred Gan, another one I cannot remember right now and the deceased Paredes patriarch.

And they were thorough in their interview. Most of the time I copy their manner of interviewing candidates for baptism at JLOAPC. They asked me how can one be saved, the scriptures I know regarding salvation and if I have already shared the gospel to others.

And I dis shared it tomy cousin, nephew and niece . And I got into trouble with my aunt-Auntie Binay (Silvina Rodriguez). She was dutiful and supportive of us since we are the children of their favorite brother-Mario E. Rodriguez. I will tell their stories later. But having a bad past with their Seventh-Day Adventist relative-they also thought that I am to rammed the bible to their ears. I might have-except for the wisdom of my mother-Theresita V. Rodriguez. She told me to be easy on them. And I di not regret it. Why burn the bridge when you can use it later. 


Cubao Reformed Baptist Church

Cubao Reformed Baptist Church

And so I was baptized at Cubao Baptist Church, Easter 1982 with another lass also studying at UST. My brother-Rizaldy Rodriguez was with me as witness.


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