A Day in a life…

A Day in a Life…

On March 6, 2012 –in a meeting supposed to be chaired by our office head- I was appointed by him as the chairman for the Technical Support Group summer outing of  our company,. Based on that meeting –many locations were chosen-but by subsequent meetings – 3 more (March 19, April 4 & 11) –it was narrowed down to CME Resort –at Taytay, Rizal-near SM Taytay Mall.

Immediately the committee of team leader’s appointed the following:

1.Registration process and discount (headed by Coy and Alex S.)

2.Food budget and acquisition during the actual day (Coy, Kris & Jiegs)

3. Shared Group Activities (Knowell, Alex S and Coy)

4. Budget tracking and usage (Miles)

The initial budget and logistics view corresponds to this:

But in the end it devolves to this:

So it was not really all fun to be begin with –but needs the coordination and logistics of 4 separate teams and the willingness of 33 persons to be in the same place at the same time- and it took a lot of meetings to choose April 14 (a week after Holy Week) as the final date.

The committee –Knowell, Alex S, Miles and I made the reservation trek on March 30- to make sure that the location of the cabanas near the entrance was reserved. We were not able to reserve the pavilion near it because it was already set for a company-subsidiary.

The shared group activities coordinator is planning a light sports activity in the morning (which became the basketpool) and pinoy henyo for early afternoon and the heavy amazing race in the mid-afternoon. There was also planned covenant signing by early afternoon-afetr lunch –to be witnessed by our Head –Sir VGA. But it was not meant to be too hectic -as we left ample time for free on-your-own activities.

The day started kind of slow –since the teams are entering the compound by 8 AM to 10 AM . And when the 1st game started –we took a sort of team picture:

The first game ended by 11: 40 AM –and we all took our lunch and have a brief rest before the  afternoon activities. But what happened afterwards is not what we prepared for and we did not foresee any of it.

CME compared with the pride of the South Laguna-Splash Island- both 7 hectares in area:

CME, Taytay

Splash Island, Binan


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