Collision 3: Dengue Fever

This is during the finals week of my first semester at the Faculty of Engineering, UST. I was infected with Dengue (Hemorrhagic )Fever. I had 40-42 degrees Centigrade fever. Paracetamol was not able to reduce the fever. I have no appetite to eat-and my back-pains were terrible. And the headache-it was not intolerable. I usually vomit then-I thought I am dying-and my dear mother is already crying.

And the Lord keeps showing me my sins-and what the Lord Jesus had to go through so that He can save and forgive me. I told my brother (Rosel) that Jesus was so good and yet he suffered for me. Oh yes -the Lord had to hit m with the hammer in order for me to understand it all.

My mother had to bring me to the UST hospital to be confine and have an IV sustain my body fluids to cool me down They did a tourniquet of my arm in order to confirm my H-fever. And so that blood clotting is visible in my arm for 20 so years.


One response to “Collision 3: Dengue Fever

  1. Read James 1 and 2 Corinthians 1. They may offer you strength and encouragement during this season of life.

    Be Blessed,
    David Zook
    A Physical for a Christian Soul

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