Collision 2: Cheating

When in high school I tried not to cheat in class. I may allow others to get my answer -because I took pity on them. Even if it may mean that I have a lesser score-I think it be better to face to reality than to face a lie. Some of my friends and classmates cheat-even when they are higher than me in the class standing.

Not bad for an existential agnostic-who does not believe if there will be reward in the afterlife if one behaves in this life.

But the Lord God wants me to face myself-my weakness,my pride.

I was a NSTA scholar during my 1st and 2nd year of college at UST , BSEE. But I having problems coping with loneliness and facing to many questions of philosophical and romantic nature. I was in love then with a pretty lass named Grace Oquindo. And the fact that college algebra is harder than what it is in college.

Sometime before the finals week of the 1st semester of my First Year in College-Grace fell in love. Not to me-but another guy-in fact a handsome guy. I was devastated. I thought in my loneliness-with Grace by my side  I will be able  sing “Even the Nights are Better” by Air Supply. But she dashed my hopes to pieces. And I was left alone to wallow in sorrow.

grace oquindo

Later in the 2nd year , she transferred to Nursing, and she is now based at California USA. God have other plans for me. I also hope for her.

But on the week when my dengue fever is starting I took my final semestral exams in drafting and algebra-and due to physical and psychological-I cheated and was caught. The pr0fessor just warned me-but my ego was shattered.

I am no longer standing in my lofty tower-I was brought low.


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