Collision 7: Hal Lindsey,National Bookstore and John 10

Continuing with my post-conversion story:

I like Hal Lindsey’s “Late Great Planet Earth” even when it was being serielized on the old MOD magazine. I even asked my cousin from Canada-Rosita Ongsu to send me a copy o f the said book. And I devoured it. I was thinking of buying more of Lindsey’s book -since I have a NSTA scholarship momey during my 1st-2nd year college at UST.

And what a surprised-there were many books by Lindsey-so I asked a Christian-also browsing at National Bookstore Recto branch. And his suggested book? He told me his “interpretation of John 10. About the sheep and their Shepherd and that the sheep hear his voice and follow no other.Later I found out this is Calvinism. But I did not know then. I was intrigued and in a sense assured because it tallies with my experience. As in previous blogs regarding my conversion-I had to be irresistibly pulled by the hound of heaven so that I will submit to him.

Later , my brother-Roseller Rodriguez showed me a pamphlet from “Living Circle” -a college ministry by the Grace Bible CHurch, Nagtahan, Manila warns that such doctrine is hypercalvinism and that it teaches fatalism and non-evnagelism-so I just keep quiet for awhile and remain with our church at CCRL.

Back at Recto-I bought from Baptist Center Bookstore-a primer on dispensationlism by Gerstner-and found out that base don him Lindsey is a dispensationist and that they are supposed to antinomian.And that based on Darby’s two-people of God theory-that God is pursuing two purposes in history instead of one.And that the antidote to this is Covenant Theology (as espoused by Westminster and Calvin Seminary) and the five points of Calvinism.

So I am back in confronting Calvinism. I will confront later Covenant theology. But I already accepted the “sanctification through law” assumption by covenant theology. I admit that it is not easy to go through life by fewer guidelines-especially I am trying to reconcile the relevance of Christianity and my engineering studies. I have forgotten Schaeffer insights though. He is a Calvinist but he is not thorough going Covenant Theologian. His Faith Theological Seminary is fundamentalist and dispensational.


2 responses to “Collision 7: Hal Lindsey,National Bookstore and John 10

  1. where can i find the Baptist Center Bookstore in Recto? thank you.

    • If you are coming Lerma-Espana Road-walk by left side of Nicanor Reyes Street (on the right is the FEU campus)-before you reach the end of that Road and intersect with Recto Street- on that left side -you will find a small Baptist Church and its bookstore-if it is still there after 25 +years.

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