Collision 4: Angel in the Hospital

She was a nurse. Her name was Emerlita Manahan. I call her Ate. First time I saw her- I already new there is something different about her. When she talked with my mother-the word that i remember was-fellowship. And as a Catholic-I don’t remember using those words. It is those ‘crazy’ born agains that always mouth those words. So I remember that word, when I am recuperating from the dengue fever, and her concern for me joining or having joined a fellowship.

I think it was a night shift. A week after I left the UST hospital, I went back to see her and hope to as some advice. But I could no longer locate her. So I always thought she was an angel-sent by God to confirm who is the God I need to trust for my salvation. Only Jesus’ people fellowshipand lik it. And that was in 1981, October. It was really a divine appointment.


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