The City

The city threatens us with its quantity, technology and all-presence. it seems to denigrate our faith to obsolescence by its immediate relevance. Too many cars, mass transport system, many source of information, many buildings in different shapes and sizes and many choices that can be made-if you have the money.

Faith seems irrelevant and too old and stocky in this situation. But it is the only thing that can withstand the onslaught to or being. If it is anchored in Christ and His Word-it will. It may seem irrelevant-but wait and see when that looming crisis comes into our land-or wait and see when the winter into your soul enveloped your heart in ice-then you will feel the burning faith -ablazed by the Spirit- rescuing your tired and old soul.


2 responses to “The City

  1. It has been decades since urban pollution was slowly poisoning everything. And I don’t believe that there’s overpopulation. The problem is urban congestion making the problem worse.

  2. While we may think that Christianity is a sort of rural/retreate type of religion-It is not. Paul and the Gentile Christianity started in cities. Jerusalem, Antioch, Corinth and Rome. It is the restlessness of the city that Christianity with its concept of rest in Jesus’ hand that makes it more appealing to urban settlers.

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