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EDSA 1 -People Power -Sign of Divine Intervention

This is hodge podge of Facebook posts -as answer to a question on comparing Israel’s Exodus in Egypt to what we experience at EDSA Revolt of 1986 as a sign of God’s intervention. Later I will clear the narrative -but for now I will just paste all posts here:

-I think you should be more worried on those who wants to bring back the Martial Law years as the good years -we can become a Singapore.? How old … were you in 1983 ? in 1986?


But it is an application of Scripture. Will we then narrow our application to something personal or churchly-and leave out what happens to the naked public square ? Maybe Edsa1 was not salvific as in Exodus or At Calvary. but it is a story of historical liberation from bondage . And to our generation -He did intervene in that history -from the salvation of Ninoy, Colson’s influence on Ninoy-to the non-violent liberation of Feb 25, 1986.

I don’t think my analogy is new. Search thru the (news) archives near the event.

Exodus created a nation wherein before Israel is just a <clan> of Jacob…This did not happen to us Filipinos. But I think you should also look into the historical analogies made by Columbus, the Pilgrims, the 17 states for the Independence of US from Great Britain and the US Civil War. It does not speak of salvation -but of liberation.

And also Cromwell against the Anglicans -and Luther against the Papist.

The Lord our God intervenes in history -not as always clear to us – in all of it..but He does …now we have 30 years to look back and discern His hand on it.

I think …  you are 30+ years old and during 1986 -you are just in elementary and thus you don’t have first hand memory on how brutal and Orwellian that dictatorship is.

Except the God who intervenes in history. Unless we don’t believe that God intervened at Edsa 1 anymore. That is more a triumph of Marcossian origin.


Why now ask the limits in application ? Why ? Is it because I mentioned that those rooting for a Marcos -wannabees like DU30 – is like the Israelites who wants to go back to Egypt and its garlic- affected you ? Maybe it should. Dont worry about Liberation Theology – I am Kuyperian  <Presbyterian/Cromwellian>. The comparison is about bondage ,liberation, Intervention and now those who wants to turn back the time – throwing the gains of freedom and wants the hard taskmasters of Martial Rule.

Like I said …bondage , deliverance by Divine intervention, and then the next generation forgetting this deliverance and wanting to go back to Egypt. Why is it off tangent ? Because the <majority of the> people God used are Catholics? Don’t forget that the period of 1980s was when Born Again Christians boomed…and DZAS was almost chosen as Radyo Bandido and that PCEC Head then Atty. Jun Vencer was much for non-violent protest. I know -I was part of a seminar where the position paper of PCEC was discussed. Evangelicals are weary of politicians with left-leanings are being used by Commnists then-and they should be -i.e. why God used other methods.

Don’t hide your preference for DU30 ….  . You know my preference.. <I am for Mar Roxas> and this is both coloring why you don’t want me to apply that Scripture to this situation -and why I am applying it. And as for Liberation Theology – I am more on the Presbyterian/ Theonomy view of the revolution of the ‘lesser magistrates’ <Calvin’s view in the Institutes> which was used by Cromwell,, the Huguenots, the Americans in their Independence revolution. and Kuyper alliance with Catholics -and Barth’s against Hitler and his Nazis.


The questioner made a reference to :  Martial Law as being constitutional …Martial rule in the Philippines was backed by U.S. in the context of Cold War….we are not even under forced labor- and another made a response -“Martial Law was not constitutional but also absolute. That is why Marcos was a dictator and his reign was also absolute. The then Pres.Marcos suspended the 1935 Constitution, dissolves the Congress and assumed absolute powers and issued Proclamation 1081 imposing Martial Law.” -this response is correct and to add he created another constitution afterwards to consolidate his constitutional parliamentary authoritarianism -where initially Marcos is both President and Prime Minister (eventually it was the technocrat -Cesar Virata became the Prime Minister)

Another made this response : It is not only oppression but of tortures, extra-judicial killings of thousands victims which are documented and incomparable to succeeding presidents after him and worse than Egypt’s force labor…the imposition of Martial Law was unconstitutional because it was done unilaterally and made to look that situations were already chaotic. As Enrile confesses to fake ambush as prelude to martial law…Actually, there were many law luminaries who challenge its constitutionality that time and what Marcos did was to change the 1935 with the new 1973 to legitimize martial law… that is why we have now the 1987 Constitution as that safeguards us from the repeat of martial law regime. That it cannot be done unilaterally anymore but also by Supreme Court and Congress.

From the official Gazette of the Government : After the declaration and imposition of Martial Law, citizens would still go on to challenge the constitutionality of Proclamation No. 1081. Those arrested filed petitions for habeas corpus with the Supreme Court. But Marcos, who had originally announced that Martial Law would not supersede the 1935 Constitution, engineered the replacement of the constitution with a new one. On March 31, 1973, the Supreme Court issued its final decision in Javellana v. Executive Secretary, which essentially validated the 1973 Constitution. This would be the final legitimizing decision with on the constitutionality of Martial Law: in G.R. No. L-35546 September 17, 1974, the Supreme Court dismissed petitions for habeas corpus by ruling that Martial Law was a political question beyond the jurisdiction of the court; and that, furthermore, the court had already deemed the 1973 Constitution in full force and effect, replacing the 1935 Constitution.

Phillippines 1986

( Tom Gralish / Staff Photographer / The Philadelphia Inquirer ) People Power: The Philippines EDSA Revolution // Jan-Feb 1986 Corazon “Cory” Aquino became president of the Philippines, after millions of Filipinos took to Manila’s streets in support of reformist soldiers who had mutinied against longtime dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

The questioner mentioned something – that I am seeing more than their weak and feeble eyes can see …and he implied that my application is not the faithful reading and application of a text -so my response is – As you can see your analysis also betrays your bias on reading our historical context and the text itself.

And in our FB message – ….  I can back down now. Forget it .politics and hermeneutics are incendiary ingredients. But we do need a framework to use. But i don’t know anyone who has it now . We are too close to the issues. I don’t discuss my political applications n in the pulpit like when in the time of Erap and Eddie Villanueva .I do make it known though in the blogs and social media.I am not a pastor nor an officer in any local church anymore.


Then I mentioned my rule in applying Scriptures in past concrete historical situation – And I still stand that throughout church history – Christians applied the Exodus deliverance motif to their concrete situation and were rewarded by the intervention of God. Applications does not required that every detail of the original redemptive -historical revelation-event should be there.

It does not mean that every action and motives in the historical situation be legitimate or sacro-sanctum – but it only need to be in consonance to general motif of the original revelation. I don’t believe in agnosticism or conservatism in application to historical situation especially when so many other witnesses or observers points in the historical situation -to be signs of God’s intervention.






Why am I am not for the Mayor in the South

I have posted this at my social media page -but through the months I am updating it -as I read and observed this man’s quest for the highest office of the land. The more he speaks his mind -the more I feel the revulsion -considering when in  November,2015 -due to the incessant NP Senator’s wooing him- I tried to assess his viability as president -But I am way pass that. I consider a Binay/Duterte as President and then a Bongbong Marcos VP as a disaster to our country, a retrograde to the past-much more than Erap or GMA combined. Here are my reasons:


Because he is just a city mayor in the South, who took almost 30 yrs (since 1986) to make things work in his city -he might have murdered criminals without due process (700 to 1700 ) -He is now denying these extra-judicial killings though . He turned down a DILG post because he admitted that he is not qualified. He was in Congress but never passed any laws and he admitted that he was just passing time then.

A self-proclaimed Socialist, a local industry-protectionist that will scare away foreign investors, a Leftist leaning ,and a Muslim and a LGBT sympathizer.His knowledge of macro economics and international relations are too simplistic ( like a national steel mfg and just talking to China or going in a jet ski to solve our West Phil Sea encroachment?).

Not a family man you can point to your children as someone to emulate because of her two wives ( first marriage was annuled -with abortion forced on his 1st wife as per his psychological report in their anulment ) and simultaneous girlfriends and a mouth like Al Pacino who does not even respect the worldwide head of an established religion (the Pope)and even the memory of a female Australian missionary who was raped and killed in August 1989- but easily be lenient to local vote-rich religious group -the INC (who inconvenienced for 3 days the riding public in a major highway-EDSA) and the cult of Quiboloy.

His planned form of government (federalization) may dismember our 7500 islands-nation and will even grant 2 ARMM areas in Mindanao(1 for MNLF, another for MILF) because of supposed righting of a historical wrong we did to the Moros of Mindanao -which did not consider that Islam is basically spread its religion by conquest.


His parents were local govt officials during Marcos era- which is now influencing his views wrt the Marcoses. He will allow a hero’s burial for an ex-dictator and falsely medalled Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani and is infatuated with Bongbong Marcos -while using the resources of NP Senator as his VP tandem.


He has his own political dynasty at Davao city. He was ex-President Gloria Arroyo’s consultant on law and order when Human Rights Watch is monitoring the Davao Death Squad -which is related to his announcements of its target for the DDS.

He is threatening to close the Senate and Congress if he is NOT able to get their cooperation once in office. He is not just after one term in Presidential office. He wants a revolution.

So in terms of character, competence and experience. He is 5th on my list after Roxas, Poe,Santiago,and Binay.


January 9, 1986


Rembrandt's Nightwatch

Rembrandt's Nightwatch



Resign to fate and drudgery alas

Forever viewing the silent moon shine

Bathing the surface with calmness align

Not knowing the part of being in cast

Always and always waiting for nothing

Design to render law and order over

Soldiers Republic had given yonder

But with measly wages give minds hurting

foolish is this station’s life wondrin

Situated in vilages amidst hills

Mountains that brings boredom,sometimes shrills

Coffee in a pot, padrinos drinking

But at last these circumstances will change

For the forest will reveal anger’s range


Modern day Riot Squad

Modern day Riot Squad

Families losing properties and lands

When renegades plunder and oppose law

For turncoats acted to feast on flesh, raw

While member’s eye-open watching the band

Anger, anger will strike ablaze forthwith

Resilency of a Filipino

No comparison with White’s casino

For within the soul, there is breadth and width

But fortune turn against loyal forces

Mistaken for hooded thugs, swift mistakes

Farmers brandishing bolos and stakes

Rush to camp while soldiers turn their faces

Nightwatch filled with ambivalence and shame

Loyalist forces scheduled for canes


Martial Law , 1972

Martial Law , 1972

Away to the rear

Hooded thugs bearing arms

All muscled up and mean looking

Eyes fixed on one purpose

To maim, kill and destroy

Striding heavily

Menacing the streets

All littered with bodies

of women raped

babies shred to pieces,

Elders brutalized

All they have is the purpose

To maim, kill and destroy


Nazis during Nuremberg, Germany 1928

Nazis during Nuremberg, Germany 1928



People hiding, trying to save their skins

Mothers covering their children

Fathers dying infront of their families


All they do

To maim, kill and destroy