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Abandoned and Yet Delivered-2 Timothy 4


Graduates of Electrical Engineering not ready for real work.

Need to be taught- like Gallie –CBK Kaliraya, Maki-Northwind Ilocos norte, and Hendrix at Mitsubishi Japan. Great to be of help when they are at Meralco.

When we apply for a job –we need to know some info:

  1. Employer: v. 1

God and Jesus

Judge at his appearing and kingdom- 70AD and Last Judgment

Its difficult if you don’t know your boss-like Heart Evangelista-na bos niya pala si Mark Herras-eh taray taray niya sa kaniya. Kasakasama niya-eh sinusulit na pala siya actual.

  1. Task : v 2-6

Note: Two extremes: Read 2:2 “and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.”

All Leaders (no experts in wisdom and experience in handling the word) (Gifts and calling)

One Leader (Local pope-one who knows all-and decides all) –Picture for Jesus only –and not any man.

But Faithful Men- Laymen and at least one professional trained and called by God and congregation. So I am addressing this to present leaders and future leaders-of the next generation of this congregation-you know who you are.

  1. Preach the Word (story of FISUEL -3 languages-one topic-Safe Installations and Inspections)
  2. Be ready (a soldier in a war-always on guard and ready for battle)
  3. In season, out of season –eukairos, akairos- fruit of season.

Not cultural preference, fad, fashion or what most are doing.

Old wisdom-speak only when timely. New Wisdom-ask the Lord if we must still speak-even when we feel that it is not a good time-like when they will kill us if we speak for the Lord (Columbine Senior Student killed by 1 of the 2 crazy disturbed gunners)

  1. Convince, Rebuke and encourage

Tell him he is wrong, why it is wrong, show what is right and encourage them to do what is right. It is not the preacher who does these things-but it is the Word of God. It is not our agenda to be right always and correct others. But the word of God sets our agenda.

  1. With patience

Not arrogant or suplado-take time to show them: We are not always right-and cool and calm disposition will sort things out.

  1. And teaching

To teach is to make sure that what you taught was also understood. By questions or actual demonstration. 7 Laws of the Learner and teacher.

Many thought that t be faithful is to be stubborn. To be prod of your learning even it is from seminary. But it must be based from the Scripture. Remember many Adventist, INC, Mormons, Jeh Witnesses are also seminary graduated.

Our faithfulness is geared especially to Jesus and His Gospel of Grace. To be open to the Spirit which gave life and light in the Word of God.

  1. Endure affliction

And we must endure being maltreated and misunderstood. Walang pusong mamon.

  1. Do work as an evangelist-always share the Message of Jesus. The man of God is not a big shot that does not need to share the simple message of the Gospel-it is always his task. Jesus and His Word do not change. But we must change because of our exposure to it. We must continue to be conformed to beauty and grace of our Lord. Someday we will be as kind and strong as our Lord.

Being stubborn and hard-headed is not a virtue-being faithful to the lord is.

  1. Fulfill the ministry (Make full proof of your service-not mere men-pleasers only) not for facebook or picture-taking only.
  2. Accomplish the task to the end:

“7 I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”

His departure is coming-Like my mentor who died May 5, 2010 Arizona-85 years old-always sleeping and then suddenly he died in his sleep. Their ship sails on-it will never be found in this side of the sea-until we meet again in the end of time.

  1. Challenges
  2. Your future market will not listen to you: v 3-4

-Itching ears-pleasant messages that appeal to the emotions –and no truth or part a lie. The preaching of the Word is demanding to its hearers.

Teachings must lead the emotions-not emotions our teachings.

-Listeners will not endure nor tolerate listening to the Word. Listening is learn behavior-ask Call center agents.

-But the one with the Spirit will have the motivation to hear it. We are like AM radio with antennas being rotated for better reception. But without batteries there is no value in rotating the antenna. Some people are like that-they are here-but they are not hearing. They have no Spirit-and thus they need to be entertained in the church instead of being fed by the Word.

  1. Internal problems: co-workers undependable: v 10 Demas –in Phiemon 24 he was called fellow laborer, in Col 4:14 –he even greeted others in Paul’s writings.

And v.18 all forsook me

Example: Tug-of-war, -(James Bond’s Golden Eye- your enemy is your ally)

  1. External problems: Competitor against you in the court of law: Alexander the coppersmith (idol-maker) v. 14-15

Being imprisoned:

Being alone in a different place –he room is either small or bigger than what you are used to…The food –is either too bland or too salty or too spicy…The language-is different from what you are used to …sometimes you resort to sign language to cope. No real intelligent conversation. Oh such miserable situation.

Sometime we feel abandoned by those we needed the most. Like our best friend, our siblings, our parents, our wife – so that we will not rely on anyman but on God alone. They cannot fill the place of the Lord it is too big. Sometimes we must stand alone for truth. No one will follow you-you are just alone-but not really alone… Later we will discuss it.

Demas don’t want to be identified with a criminal-a prisoner-and thus walk away in defending Paul. Who wants to side with a loser? A prisoner? You might get imprisoned too.

Better to separate and get lost in the crowd –so as not to be pinpointed to be his companion-just what happened to Jesus in his trials before Pilate and the Sanhendrin. Be part of a world and its victors!

Out of the lion’s mouth v17-refers to Emperor Nero-the Roman Beast who will eventually have Paul executed-the antichrist of his time. A servant of Satan-there will be a lot like him in history until the end of time.

  1. Rewards or Compensation
    1. Brothers-in-arms v. 10b-12-Luke, Mark, Tychicus and others

2 Tim 4:13-14 “When you come, bring with you the cloak I left in Troas with Carpas and the scrolls, especially the parchments.”

The man of God –even when near death will not part with his scriptures-and studies of it. The congregation may want visuals and visual aids-but the man-of-God is man of the spoken and written Word. Beware of the one who does not relish the word.

  1. The Lord stood…and delivered me v. 17 (God’s presence and deliverance)
  2. Heaven v. 18 and Crown of righteousness v. 8 (and not only to me but those who love his appearing).

What was the feeling of seeing Lakers winning the NBA series this Friday-it was long Finals- seven games.


Current Leaders: You know the priority of any Christian Ministry-Jesus, The Gospel and the Word-do not exchange it for another.

Future Leaders- do not be discouraged by who you are now and what you can do or understand now- God will supply all our needs-and change us from glory to glory. If you hear his voice-do not ignore him-make plans to fulfill his task-and do it.

Congregation: Make it your commitment to study the Word on your own-so that no preacher or teacher will be able to stand here with just his stories and opinion –without even reading, interpreting and applying the Word to our lives.

Let us make our commitment to “fight the good fight, to finish the race, to keep the faith”.