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Time Together

I wrote this when I was listening to Harry Nilsson’s song – “Without You” and I began to be thankful for all of them:

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It is not just one individual -but a list really -starting with God …then my Mommy (Theresita Villena Rodriguez ) and Daddy -and then my brothers (Kuya Rizaldy Rodriguez and Dikong Ross )

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-and then my uncles and aunties (both Villenas and Rodriguez – still living and now gone – esp. Auntie Binay and Trining – who ministered to my needs and guide me while studying at UST )

– my friends from high school -until now (Lope Sarreal III, Kennedy Ong and Al Perez ) – my cousins Demetrio Cuaresma , Gemma and Berna Rosete – who were my batch then.

– then those who taught me about the Lord Jesus and His Word – Lolo Enteng – pastors and their wives: Ric Pagarigan , Dick and Anne Kwantes, James and Mary Anne De Young, Pastor Maas and Mom Eloise VanderBilt, even PS Jin Ito.

– my friends at UST – Joel Ong, Mon, Ramon C. Quevedo, Lloyd Ang, Friends from BFHCF -Pastors Rey Domingo and Edwin Puzon. Lynne Asuncion Fister and Gie, Lita, Mae, Doc Norman & Jojo

My office heads thru the years – Engrs Ed Cinco… Sir Jess Cabrera and then now Sir Alex Cabugao .

– and then my work mentors – Sirs Danny Aquillo , Reyo Gavino, Bong Sasotona ,Oman Ortega , Genie Pangilinan, Cesar Dawana. Alex D. Lim & even my kumpare -Joey Mell Alejandro Acejas ,and of course – Sir Julius Vinson and Mam Cecille Mariano Domingo – at Power Services.

My OH Line Design mentors – Alex Adamos, Larry Cruz, Dan Busilan and Noli Eusebio; UG Design mentors -Tonton Torres & Ruel Navaro & Bro Ling Sabalburo– and those who helped me at work thru the minute details -kumareng –Milagros G. Abenales, Nene Taylo, Fides and Grace Rasco-san Jose -my Standards colleagues: Joel Bongga, Robert Lazaro faithful field companion – Joey Benipayo and Harold Banglay,

My MACE Colleagues – Sir Elboy Gonzales, Ray Fabros ,Robert Nery, Joselito Oviedo & Rodel dela Torre.

My Miescor mates – ‘Inaanak’ Ezra Perida and Harold Pactanac.

my Christian Reconstructionist kumpares – IL CPatangan and Fed Dimal -and then my South CBG TS team now (DanT,Borj, Dennis Abustan Salvatus ,Kev Apolinar, Rhys,Pam & Debbie -though much younger than I am -are still teaching me a lot.

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My Christian friends from CCRL (the Paredes, Dellotas ), UCM, JLOAPC ( Ps Medic and Romy dela Criz, Vic Ebojo and Sam Mapalad) , SPCRC ( Bro Bong and Gerry and Sis Josie, Perly and Lynne) , Powerhouse and now VCF Alabang ( Brothers Noel, Jimmy, Jun, Rene, Mikee, Peter, Jojo & of course especially Elvin) -and fellow Gideons -San Pedro Camp- especially Dr Roman De Leon – a mentor of sorts and counsellor.

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My IIEE buddies and electrical contractor-friends: Rey Licayan, Freddy Rodriguez, & Rodel ‘insan’ Rodriguez.

Our monthly Couples’ fellowship brethren – Ps Abet, Bros Mar and Fred Cabrera and their wives- Myles, Wealthie Dadia & Aida respectively.

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and of course my wife and partner-in-life – Maribel Tulay Rodriguez (My Narda and Diana Prince) and my 4Kids -(Rayuel Rodriguez Mariel Rodriguez Raniel Rodriguez & Biyel Rodriguez ) my reason for living and being and enjoying my life now.


I am blessed by the Lord to be with and at your side, one time or another – I wish you all God’s blessing and presence in your life – and still wish to see you more in the future.

I will update this as I remember.

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Church Review: Greenhills Christian Fellowship

We attended “Celebrate Family” last Saturday, June 27, 2009-from 8AM to 5 PM at Greenhills Christian Fellowship, Emerald St., Ortigas Center. The seminar fee is P100.00-but the quantity and quality of the teaching, free food and activities is worth 5X to 10X more than that.


I would like to thank GCF for their generosity and hospitality for accepting visitors amongst theior midst and treating us like close friends there. In fact in the morning -we were met and talked with by an elderly gentleman. Later we found out that he is the dean of messiah’s College, Ortigas-and one of the founding board members of GCF-even when Pastor Young was its pioneering pastor for the 1st 15 years of its life. Now it is Dr Luis Pantoja Jr-who already looked the senior minster of the church that is still steering this 3000 (?) members church.

The morning was started by a inspiring worship and praise singing by the GCF band-and it was so wonderful-I felt that I don’t need to attend worship service the next day. In fact I fell in love with their interpretation of “Evermore” by Geron Davis. The plenary speakers was well done by Guillermo couples. The video of the paralyzed son and his running father made me wept. The concept of ‘together’ was brought home by it.

gcf 2

In the afternoon-there were 11 break out seminars-which my wife and I chose to do seperately -so we can cover more bases. I choose “Understanding Sex” and came home with 3 very good illustration on proper perspective on sex. I already shared it with my son and daughter. Then next I went to “Internet: Friend or Foe” . The speaker has his own website at: http://pinoyyouth.or  Check it out regarding web addiction.


Finally was the dedication service and mini-rafflwe for those who participate. All in all-it was a good day not wasted!

Christmas at Greenbelt, Makati

Ayala sure knows how to bounce back.

My family of four kids, my wife and I spent the afternoon of December 30, 2008 there. And I amazed of the architectural design and the garden at the middle . It reminded me of Tokyo-the only time I left Philippines. But I also remember New York’s Central Park- at the CSI-NY episodes. It was a class location and there are many food outlet to choose from. It was sort of enormous-or at least appear to be .My congratulations to their management.

Greenbelt 2008