God’s Foreknowledge and Man’s Free Will ?

I have read some part of Dave Hunt’s book -” What Love is this” and read  a part where he says that Luther and Calvin posits that man can never be free since God is omniscient and has foreknowledge -and then tries to argue against it.


See this post on his errors : http://conversationsincalvinism.blogspot.com/2006/08/dave-hunt-man-myth-dishonesty.html


Though recently deceased -his misrepresentation had affected a lot of people in not considering the truth of God’s eternal election and His subsequent rescue of radically depraved man.


I have not read those part of Luther and Calvin where they said that -but I can be wrong -but that is not the point. My reason for bringing it now is – does Hunt believes that when God created this world/ universe (which is the only one we know – though God can make multi-verses) -does He not know that Man -with his freedom -will not fall into sin -due to the instigation of the Devil?


Or was it possible that the angel Lucifer and the Man -Adam -after being created – and with freedom – will still choose -in their lifetimes to remain holy and righteous? This does not mean that God can only create a imperfect creature – based on our perspective …but is it not part of freedom to be always to be wrong and counter against the standard? Yes -this are speculative questions -but it seems that Hunt’s belief is that the perfect -perfect universe is  that no creature will go against his Creator.

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My belief? I believe that God – after making the decision to allow free creatures- fire sees that eventually someone will disobey Him and rebel against Him. It is not a question of if -but of when. So with infinite / multiple simulations in His Mind – He decided that gifting His Son with these people -His Son will make sure that -they will remain in Him until the end -no matter what -so that they will praise His Father -through the Holy Spirit – He -the Son will die for their rebellion -to pay for their sins. This is before time ..and even before the historical creation of Adam at Eden.

Sinner Saved


Eventually  -after the first week -Man will always be seen as not totally free- because of the choice of the first Man -Adam -he will always be in bondage to his sin-nature- but still be able to freed by someone like him. Here will the mystery of election and regeneration and effectual calling and perseverance and eternal security comes into the picture. Though free to be a sinner -his hope is in the eternal transaction of love between the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Only love can rescue him – restore him and make him mature as a son to his heavenly Father.


The devil is not so. Because he was created as an adult/ mature -and with full knowledge -his one time decision fixed his destination to hell. There is no repentance -nor regeneration for him. He will remain as a reminder that freedom and full knowledge is not always to the advantage of the creature. Time and being time-bound is a gift -for us to change and be changed. Asking for something to be like the eternal- is in fact a gift not worth having.


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