I Will not sing those New Songs…

Most Truly Reformed brethren will not be found within a foot of evangelical or Neo-Pentecostal asemblies- (besides the tongues speaking and other peculiar to those groups- which I am not advocating ) and here are some reasons why they hate or don’t like the singing within these assemblies:


1. Their songs are childish
2. Their songs are repettive
3. Their songs are loud and noisy
4. Can anyone sing with that loud band?
5. Singing led by bands tends to highlight performances instead of worship
6. Their songs are not biblical
7. The words of their songs are NOT biblical-even pagan
8. The singing is after an experience and encounter and not to understanding
9. The singing is eclipsed by the musicians who always goes to solo guitar riffing.
10. The theology of their songs are heretical/false teaching.

What do you think -are these valid concerns?


One response to “I Will not sing those New Songs…

  1. “9. The singing is eclipsed by the musicians who always goes to solo guitar riffing”

    hahaha. I am guilty!

    i will yet to write about worship. but as a musician for years in the church, here is what i can say

    most musicians, not all, are in the ministry in order to apply their craft. some are show offs, some are there to express themselves, some are there to get attention and audience or fans. still some are there with a genuine heart of worship

    as Jesus said “time will come where worshipers will worship in spirit and in truth”

    i do believe, whether its loud music or silent music, the only thing that matters in worship is whether Jesus is at the center. there is no sense in singing when the message is not about Jesus or anything about Jesus.

    I have intentionally ignored the song “create in me a clean heart” or “purify my heart” or “Lord i offer my life”. these are good songs, but see, the focus is not on Jesus but self.

    ever wonder why “Amazing Grace” transcends ages, crosses boundaries, stands the test of time? because it speaks of Jesus. nothing more nothing less.

    wow.. its been a while since i made a long comment 🙂 thanks for letting me.

    – grace and peace

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