The Procedure – Colonoscopy

cher bus

The day started with me having a breakfast of champorado since I have to a light soft diet for my colonoscopy. I really did not have a restful sleep -not that I am scared of the procedure since I have done it last April, 2013 -but what Dra Pena mentioned last November confinement- She was trying to rule out any cancerous growth.

Mabel and I went to Cardinal Santos Hospital last Friday -January 24, 2014. We left home by 1 PM after Mabel accompanied Madel and her grandson- Jello -to have his antibiotics shot. We rode an aircon Cher bus and was seated right behind the bus driver. after 1 1/2 hours we alighted at Megamall Bus terminal.


There we walk towards the taxi stand at the side of Megamall for our ride to the hospital.


Since I already have the LOA-Letter of authorization for my overnight admittance- after some 10-20 minutes- I was assigned room 512 and was assisted by the porter to the room. There the on-shift nurses introduced themselves and acquaint me of the welcome kit. My vitals were taken and the resident doctor interviewed me of my medical history leading to this colonoscopy. Now I know why my nother brings a lot of paper in the hospital so that she did not have to repeat the previous diagnosis and prognosis again and again to the medical staff.


By 8PM – I was given one bottle of laxative- too sweet and too thick..after an hour or so -my stomach is feeling the revolution within. By 10 PM -I was also given two tablets and Dulcolax-and was prevented to take any fluids or solids by 12 midnight. By 2 Pm -I was already in or out of the CR 5 times and so very weak by then-good that I was at the hospital because I already have IV by 12 midnight. every 4 hours the nurse takes my sugar level which are all okay the whole time. By 5:30 AM – I was pricked in my anus with Barium Enema-and the nurse told me to hold on by 10 to 15 minutes before going again to the CR. By this time -I am already spent and have nothing anymore to give 🙂


By 6 AM I was driven by wheelchair towards the endoscopy unit with Mabel. I was transferred to a small bed and raised to a level convenient for the doctors to do the procedure. Mabel prayed for me before I was whisked to the procedure room and she was told to go outside of the unit.

Operating and laboratory rooms inside hospital are using cold and patients isolated and quarantine away from their love ones. But in prioritizing safety- they isolate us from those who can sustain us during such procedures.


The nurses introduced themselves , then the assistant to the anesthesiologist and my doctor , then the technician who adjust the coldness of the room -and setup the computers and the screen for the procedure. It was bright and cold there..and they put an oxygen tube in  my nose, blood pressure monitor on my right a heart rate clamp and some 4 ECG like suctions in my chest.


Then Dra Peña and Dr Rivera came and talked to me and after I was told to lay on my left side- I fell asleep.


I woke up in the recovery section and told my procedure was over. AFter a while -with my wife , Dra Valera me that there was nothing new except for the presence of more than 3 diverticulas and that I need to eat more fiber-rich foods and meet her again by MArch 4, 2014. After that I went back to my room to change and have my IV and billings processed. So by 10AM Saturday -January 25, 2014-I was out of the hospital. The company incurred 15K pesos -less Philhealth and company’s discount-for my procedure.

Raviel- my youngest son…with our rented AUV …fetched us from the hospital. We passed by Greenhills for more or less 30 minutes before going home to San Pedro, Laguna



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